Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh, the Embarrasment!

I am so embarrased!  After promising the most gracious and luxurious of events surrounding the adoption of the Most Adorable Princess Coco, the PM got sick and arrangments are greatly delayed.  It will be a rush finishing preperations for the ceremony on the spring equinox, but it must be done!

Luckily the committees have continued working and have solid proposals at hand for Our review:

-The Security Council notes that it has worked with with Buddy Bunny and his network to provide ground communications while UPS will handle air mails.  The Admiral Hestorb has agreed to transport the Queen Miss Catt and Princess Coco to the Realm of Capitol Drive.   Geographers have been consulted to help prepare the most propitious route for the trip.  Agent Ambassador Blackjack has taken charge of security for the Queen and Princess during the trip.

-The Refreshment Committee has prepared menus consisting of the classic feline dishes and chefs with assistants have been contracted. 

-The Protocol Committee has been devising a schedule of events which appears to provide for both the legalities and festivities.  The adoption ceremony itself will be sunset on March 20th, the spring solstice.

-The Royal Wardrober has begun outfitting HRH Princess Treasure and will be forwarded a final list of suggested items to Coco, Miss Catt and Hestorb.

Look closely for announcements to come!


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