Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fannie Floof reports The Arrival

Safely arriving at The Landing last night at sunset were the Queen Miss Catt, Admiral Hestorb and Sir Spitfire.  The galleon is a handsome sight of teak wood and multicolored silk pennants flying from all masts and lines.  The crew, commanded by the Admiral, quickly and nimbly tied the boat off and stood back saluting while all Personages disembarked. 

First to disembark was Queen Miss Catt.  The Queen's travelling outfit of soft vole fur was tastefully accessorized with shrew tails at cuffs and collars.  A softly glowing pink pearl choker completed the outfit while she reclined on a citrine pillow.

The Admiral and Sir Spitfire were the next to disembark.  The Admiral was modishly attired in a blue and white sailor's outfit with red ribbons marking her high rank.  With an "Ahoy, Maties", she began to confer with General Boopsie Bear and Sir Ambassador Ringo on issues of security while awaiting her introduction to the Princess Treasure. 

Sir Spitfire, despite his captivation with his red cape, was sensibly attired for travel in high boots and a collar which instantly converts to a nefarious dog trap if needed.  Sir Spitfire reported to Quartermaster Scruffy for instructions on his role in the upcoming ceremonies.

It was clear that a strong alliance has been formed between The Spitster and La Hestorb due to the lingering glances and purrs shared as they went their separate ways.

Princess Treasure arrived accompanied by the Prime Minister.  Elegantly attired in the peridot tiara and bracelet, her eyes glowed with the realization that her dearest plans were nigh completion.  She and the Queen greeted each other with nose taps; the Queen was placed on her pillow next to the Princess in the red wagon which served as their conveyance from the landing to the castle.

Shortly thereafter, Heron Express delivered Most Adorable Princess Coco amid much fanfare from the citizenry who had secured passes to witness this historic event.  Slightly abashed at the crowd's reaction to her arrival, she ducked her head while being carried from Heron Express to the wagon on her periwinkle pillow.  Her youthful beauty was fully enhanced by the opalescent moonstone collar and chipmunk stole she was wearing against late night chills, Capitol Drive being far North of the province she rules as princess and the region she governs for Queen Miss Catt.

After more nosetaps, the Prime Minister pulled all royal personages to The Castle while all dignitaries followed in parade.  The citizenry continued to shout approval of the Princess Coco along the route while also juggling songbirds for additional festivities.

Upon arrival at The Castle, the butler shows everyone to their assigned quarters where all appropriate grooming tools and assistance are provided.  After that and a quick nap,  all travelers are greeted in the Princess Treasure's small dining room where a light refreshment of minnows on toast in a mouse sausage gravy was served.  Also attending were Prime Minister Neora Warmlapp, Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo and General Boopsie Bear.


  1. (peeking in on lavish pawty - this little moggie doesn't dare be seen among all this royalty.)

  2. So I see that Others have taken note of the purrs exchanged between me and the Admiral. Well, that's all right--I am unashamed of my devotion!

    The minnows on toast were to die for. I will have to instruct my Human in their preparation when I return. Oh my, it's nearly bedtime--I have an appointment to keep!