Saturday, March 19, 2011

Royal Entertainments

Today marks the last full day of festivities before the adoption of the Most Adorable Princess Coco to succeed Princess Treasure as Ruler of the Realm of Capitol Drive.

This morning, the Princesses breakfasted in Treasure's private suite to discuss matters of state. Lemon yogurt, lizard turnovers and catmint tea were served.  The occasion was marked by the transmission of the Secret History of the Sphinx Dynasty from Treasure to Coco.

At the same time, all other personages woke to a hearty breakfast buffet of sweet peas garnished with mouse toes, swan liver pate on muffins and lemon yogurt.  Catmint tea was also served.  Following this, a casual tour of the grounds was available to those who wished.  Notably conspicuous by their absence were the Admiral and Sir Spitfire.  Conversely, Simba made a good impression with his tact and exquisite manners, seeking introductions with all and chatting politely regarding the mouse and wren populations and upcoming adoption ceremony.  Most impressed was Smog, keeper of the adjacent facilitites.

At noon, the diplomatic and military forces of the realm paraded through the courtyard, passing by the Castle's window for review by the Queen and Princesses.  These heroic minions were quite dashing in royal uniforms of red neckerchiefs and daggers.

During a lull,  mousepops were distributed at the front gates to all those invited to the tournament; a tournament that will be recalled by 17 generations and recorded in the Royal Archives.  General Boopsie Bear demonstrated growls of command while charging with his mace.  Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo performed the gymnastics which originally brought him to the attention of the Prime Minister.  Quartermaster Scruffy was able to pack a soldier's back pack in three minutes; the previous recorded time being 4 and 1/2 minutes.  Sir Spitfire traversed a forest of legs.  Diplomat Agent Blackjack demonstrated the illusion of invisibility.  It was Simba, however, who stole the show by gracefully jumping to the edge of the Royal Balcony, running gracefully along the balustrade and stealing a kiss from the Queen Miss Catt.  His gracefulness, courtliness and sheer audacity were considered quite noble.


  1. I have it on good authority that Queen Miss Catt was enchanted.

  2. Sounds like Miss Catt is smitten with Simba! perhaps! Yummm I'm especially fond of lizzard turnovers!

  3. So, yes, we **were** just a few moments late for breakfast. Yes, well, enough said about that!

    It was quite a spectacular day, and that Leg Forest was quite a challenge. Why, I think I'm all tuckered out. Hmmm, bedtime! Admiral? Admiral?

  4. You are so kind. It has been a wondrous time.