Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Raincheck; word verification off

Due to the tremendous titan Sandy, we will host the Halloween party over the weekend.  Tunnel travel may still be treacherous right now.  We are crossing paws all allies and friends are safe.  And, we believe that word verification on comments is turned off.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Official News

The PM believes that she has fixed the issue with word verification on comments.  Allies and friends are asked to try to comment and see if it is easier now.

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

PM Neora Warmlapp

Friday, October 19, 2012

Princess Coco, busy at work!

Our Dear Heir has been very busy since her return home.  She has managed to find two guineau pigs to make up her hologram contraption assembly line.  They finished their training today and will begin assembling them on Monday.  She expects to have one finished by Friday next week.

For Halloween, what better than travelling out to the barn from my house?  Everyone can meet on Wednesday afternoon, try the contraption tunnel if they wish, or a regular tunnel if they don't, and we'll scare the dickens out of a few mice and voles......

Monday, October 8, 2012

Another picture

Since my last picture was received so graciously, I have decided to post another of my  favorites:

Well, the PM did a great job with this!  My Royal Apologies and I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Swoosh! Wee!

from the Princess' Diary:

Well, I can hardly believe it!  After multiple tests by the Quartermaster, General Boopsie, SAS Ringo and volunteer kitties from the courtyard, I have finally travelled via tunnel with hologram contraption!

It's really quite exhilarating.  I could do it every day that royal duties don't keep me at home.

First, I made a short hop to visit the Queen Bea (emeritus).  She was surprised to see me!  She is such a timid soul, I couldn't convince her the tunnel wouldn't eat her and that she would reassemble appropriately.  She also had a hard time believe the hologram left behind really could fool her Daddah.  But we had a nice reunion anyway.

Next, the Royal Court and I went to see the cranes, herons and egrets.  The PM and Ringer were not kidding--those things are huge!  They stand 4 to five feet tall.  If I swam, I would have been afraid they would catch me for lunch!  We also picnicked on Bald Bluff, which allows for good security.  It is amazing how fresh air can enhance your appetite.

The cranes have most graciously accepted Our offer of hunting rights within the Realm. However, they do note there are not many places for them to take off and land in the Realm due to the congestion provided by humans and vile automobiles.  Therefore, they will reserve the rights for emergency use only.  After seeing how much room they need for takeoff, it is understandable.

Coco the Adorable has returned to her regency and has stated she will start an assembly line to make contraptions so that any interested parties may acquire one.