Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Worst is Over

Kitties,  I think that the PM 'turned the corner' Thursday.  After serious laying on of paws, purr therapy and all of your love, she seems to be on the mend. 

We are both sick of the snow.  We will have a few days so lovely and warm that we can open the windows, and then it will get cold and snow again.  I hate going out in snow, it gets my paws wet.  And the birds and squirrels hide, so there is no TV.

The PM says her next big project is cleaning the castle, since she has not been up to doing a good job of it in about a month.  She wishes the Royal Court included a chambermaid to take care of this.  The PM is not looking forward to the time it will take to get caught up, but knows we will enjoy the result.

Feeling more optimistic,

I remain your ally,

Princess Treasure


  1. Oh Princess Treasure..thank you so much for taking the time to repurrt this good news.

  2. *bows respectfully*

    What wonderful news, Your Highness! May PM's return to health be speedy and complete, and may she receive full assistance from the realm as she undertakes the tidying up of her infrastructure.

    It's nearly spring cleaning time, snyway.

    I send respects, good wishes, and a friendly gift of prime catmint.

    (A certain scruffy bear regrets that he has been absent for a length of time, due to obligations to his human being, but also sends respects and affection.)

  3. Horrors! The spectre of typographical error reared its ugly head!

    The following is a correction:

    "It's nearly spring cleaning time, anyway."

    I beg your forgiveness for inflicting such blatant imperfection upon your beautiful world. It shall not happen again.

    *offers more prime catmint in gesture of contrition*

  4. (Genuflecting)

    Ah, I am pleased beyond imagining that the PM is recovering. In the absence of a house staff, I'm afraid she will have to undertake the cleaning herself.

    After all, I'm sure Tony Blair would have done it for QE2.

  5. Ah, yes. The voyage is to air out my sails...scrape the barnacles..