Thursday, January 24, 2013


Well, the PM finally had the heat cut on after Christmas.  And this past week, it has been so cold that she has turned up the heat twice!  It's  nice and toasty to sit in front of and warm enough I don't even have to toe-tuck!

I did slip past her to get outside one morning, but it was so cold, I just made a little circle and slipped back in.  Didn't wait to see if any courtiers were in attendance or anything.

Mommeh does not take her camera with her and tends to come straight home from work cuz she doesn't like being out in this weather, either. 

So, if we aren't around as much, that's's just too durn cold to do anything, pardon the language!

However, the PM has had a cortisone injection in her knee and has a new anti-inflamatory and feels much better, thank you very much.  She is eagerly anticipating photography season while crocheting a new scarf to keep her warm.