Sunday, March 6, 2011

Archie 6: by IM (Instant Moussenger)

This just released:
In the Realm of Capitol Drive, presided over by HRH the Princess Treasure, the Royal Scout and Diplomat Ringo has begun the expedition to the hinterlands of Utah, governed by Sir George (ret.) and Lady Scamper. 
Scout Ringo will represent the Realm at the July 24th summit to negotiate the treaty drafted by PM Neora and approved with seal by HRH.  It is expected that Scout Ringo will rest and recoinnoiter in the land of Happenstance.
The throne, in the speech sending Ringo off, thanked Queen Miss Catt for the expert and sage adviced offered by the worthy and skilled Agent Blackjack. 
Ambassador Scout Ringo is expected to arrive in Utah in 10 days, which day has been designated a Royal Holiday; horses shall receive special deliveries of marsh hay and clover while feline denizens should report to the census stations to receive complimentary mouse-pops.

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  1. OH! How exciting!!! I am in tippy toes waiting to hear the update when it happens.