Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Courtyard off limits!

The PM has had the audacity to disobey me!  With Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo's support!

Starting yesterday morning, she has not let me out to survey my realm.  She states she is afraid the 'high winds will pick me up and blow me away'.  She 'kidded', saying if she harnessed me to a kite, I could fly!

What's a Princess to do?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Almost Shabbat

I gave the Prime Minister a taste of how nice Shabbat will be; she let me out to survey the realm and then, when I came back in, she was asleep.  I very quietly and softly got on her tummy and was smiling at her when she woke up.  I think she likes things like that.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Princess Coco's Response

The Princess Coco sends her regards and affection to HRH Princess Treasure and looks forward to the alliance and the coming celebration of their new relationship to come.
The Princess looks forward with anticipation and kindness to the meeting with Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo as she has learned about his bravery and cunning during the last Wars when Queen Miss Catt sent loyal allies to help.
Princess Coco is looking forward to meeting Queen Bea (Emeritus) so as to glean knowledge of her Regal ways so as to to rule the Kingdom well.

From HRH's Counsel

September 16

From the Princess' Counsel

Having been summoned by Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo at your urgent behest, we are humbled yet pleased to be of service to Your Majesty.  It is our understanding that you most wisely want to adopt an heir to the Kingdom of Capitol Drive and so offer the following draft of adoption papers for the Most Adorable Princess  Coco:
'Wherein the Most Adorable Princess Coco has matured into the role of a most regal yet beneficent Governor of her domain, managing said properties well as agent for the Queen Miss Catt and
Wherein HRH the Princess Treasure has undergone The Traumatic Event most dreaded by all of the feline species and is therefore forced to look afield for an heir and
Wherein it is believed than an relationship would foster the alliances between HRH and the Queen, as well as those of the Queen Bea (Emeritus) and
It is thought that the adoption of Princess Coco as successor to HRH the Princess Treasure would be of mutual benefit,
HRH the Princess Treasure sends her highest regards to the Princess Coco, offering her all rights and reponsibilities commiserate with such position.  As proof of her good will and sincerity, the Princess Treasure sends with her most trusted representative, Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo, the opalescent moonstone collar as a token of her regard.'
/ss/Esquire Blinkytoes, Cattorney at Law.

Happylands Report

As per her request, the Prime Minister humbly offers this report to Her Royal Highness the Princess Treasure:

Two Shabbats ago, Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo and I gained your generous last-minute permission by Expeditious Order #53 to tour the boundaries between the West Allis Alliance and Happylands.  I am happy to report that it must have been a very good summer in Happylands as it looks as is the fall harvest will be bountiful. 

While they did not photograph well, there were many baby fish in the lake.  Seeds abounded, particularly milkweed, so important to the butterflies; hopefully there will be a population boom of them next year to entertain Your Highness. 

The Prime Minister also hopes and suspects that she saw a sandhill crane couple with two almost-grown chicks.  Traditionally, if two chicks are born to a couple, only one survives.  However, as evidenced by the photo to follow, it looks as if Ringo may have been able to treaty with a family of four.

/s/ Neora Warmlapp
Prime Minister
Realm of Capitol Drive.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Indoors hunting

When the PM left the door open last night, a lightening bug got in.  So I got to go hunting!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What a weekend!

Lots of stuff happened that I did not expect or plan.  After laying around Shabbat morning, as we usually do, the Prime Minister and Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo announced they needed to reconnoiter in Happylands in order to ensure that the borders were secure and to maintain alliances.  They were gone all afternoon and evening.  When they returned, they assured me all was well; perhaps I will publish their reports when they are written.

The Prime Minister has been talking about getting rid of stuff, but  never gets a roundtoit.  (If you have one, let me know.  I think it could help keep the PM moving and the treasury can bear the cost.) She got rid of two armchairs, two throw pillows, a 30 gallon garbage bag of recyclables (mostly papers), another 30 gallon garbage bag of trash and a bag of clothes!  All of this was just in the royal parlor!  She also wiped down most of the hard surfaces!  There are still books to get rid of, but now I can actually stretch out on the floor in the sunshine.  It was pretty amazing.

The PM is happy that she has room to bring in her two plants now before it gets too cold for them.  She wants to put the small one in 'terrarium' so that I 'can't get to it'.  Hmmm.

The PM has been crocheting and refusing my offers of help. (After all, I do have ten handy little hooks!)  But I had to translate the instructions for her.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A unsettling event

After missing it yesterday, I went out to survey the castleyard this morning. I had checked in with the cranky squirrel and was waiting for the neighborhood rabbit for a good gossip.

I thought  I noticed the friend and ally Agent Blackjack approaching.  Thinking he was here representing the Queen Miss Catt, I awaited his arrival so as to honor him with a private greeting.  When he was within a few yards, I realized that this was not the dependable Blackjack who has been of such assistance in the past, but a dastardly counteragent from West Allis who had agreed to attempt to gain my affections and learn the intricate secrets of my security system.   And the traitor was doing this while in  the pay of rascally DOGS!  This is treasonous anywhere in the feline world and punishable by death.

I sit and contemplate his sentence.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shabbat Shalom

For all you kitties who are not Jewish, the Prime Minister, Ringo and I are and we celebrate Shabbat Friday night and Saturday.  Shalom means peace and Shabbat is our most peaceful day of the week.  The PM sleeps in until I wake her, and maybe a bit longer.  She stays home most of the day reading or doing something quiet.  We cuddle and kiss alot and even have some bonks.  It's my favorite day of the week!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Mornings can be a tricky time for a princess to manage; many decisions must be made.

The most important is what time to awaken the Prime Minister.  If I wake her up before 7:30, I can go outside for a short time and grace the courtyard with my presence.  I can also beneficently receive subjects and listen to their trials.

However, if I let her sleep longer, she stays home longer and I can get in cuddles while she sleeps. 

In either case, I get a treat if or when she leaves the castle.