Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We are most distressed

to hear of the Admiral's malaise.  We wish her and her Mommy the best, sending many bonks and purrs, and hope the Admiral is healed very soon. 

Not only for her sake, but for the sake of little Coco's adoption ceremony, which may have to be postponed.  After all, the ceremonies would not be the same without the Admiral, just ask Sir Spitfire!


  1. I am purring my very very very hardest for the Admiral to feel better soon and hope all this v-e-t - visiting will result in a good treatment. I lubz my Admiral.

  2. I will come by on Friday and get Sir Spitfire and set sail..

  3. Ahoy! It is me, the Admiral. I hove to at the ship yard and as soon as your runners command, my Passengers i.e. your Esteemed Guests, Queen Miss Catt and Sir Spitfire will disembark and be conveyed to HRH Princess Treasure at the Realm of Capitol Drive to attend theAdoption Ceremony for Little Coco . We await your word and direction.