Sunday, April 29, 2012

Planning an Expedition

Me, myself and I, HRH the Princess Treasure of the Precious Dynasty in the Sphinx Clan, feel the need of new vistas and horizons.  Thus I do declare May to be a Month of Adventures for all.

Sir Spitfire is hereby commanded back to the Realm for duty, being sure to bring all battle and court gear with him.  Princess Coco the Most Adorable, your ticket is awaiting you at the Heron Express counter.   We must soon be on our way to greet the Countess Katie Isabella.  Is anyone else up for a trip?

Friday, April 27, 2012

A New Throne and other news.....

The PM took the week off from fund-raising this week (atlthough she says we will still get our paycheck...something called 'paid vacation') and has been working on the annex.  You may remember she started doing this last year before she abandoned me to have
'emergency surgery' last year and she says it has been one thing after another since then.  Yes, so she says!

Anyhow, she has been working on cleaning, organizing and decorating the annex (we no longer live on Capitol Drive, but on the border to the Realm and the Queen Bea Emeritus' land so we can watch over both) like a busy little beaver.  She also had to take care of an emergency.  Two of the tires on the Royal Carriage were slashed Monday night.  One so bad it was completely flat and the other bad enough it had to be replaced.  She also needed a spare, never getting one like she planned over the winter.

Luckily, her state income tax had come in, so she had money for all that and **A New Throne**--after consulting with Knight Errant Sir Honder--this week.  She said the throne is actually a small recliner so that she will be more comfortable with her arthritis and fibro, but I know she really purchased it for ME!  She also says she got it so there will be enough sitting room if she has company, but she so seldom has company, I can't believe she would shell out alot of green papers for that reason. 

What is really weird is that it is 'new' as opposed to 'resale' or 'rummage'.  She has always said she would not buy new upholstered furniture so she would not get upset when my predecessor and I scratched.  I don't know what changed her mind this time and I have not decided if the throne is an appropriate target for scratching, we will see.

The PM also finally got a matte cut for a piece of antique fabric and a frame she found for it.  She bought the fabric when she was preparing for the bat mitzvah as it has cranes on it.  But she liked it so much, she didn't want to cut it up, so framed it instead. 

Her colors for the redecoratin are rose, cream and brown, which she saw in a magazine.  She thinks it is feminine without being fussy, and more modern than a regular pink.

The only major part of the living room left is a throw to cover the ottoman/coffee table and covering the pillows.  That she will take her time with as she finds fabrics she likes.  Those will be the icing on the cake, she says.  She also has another painting to hang, but she says the worst part of doing the living room is over with.

Today she starts on the bathroom; sewing the trim on the towels and putting everything out/up in the bathroom.  Now that room will be decorated in hot pink and bright green as she thinks that will be a cheerful place to wake up in in the morning.  We shall see.  I am reserving judgement.

I will order her to take some pictures when she is done.

In other news, she has been trying to have some fun as well; she has gone to some new restaurants and some old favorites this week.  She tried Peruvian food for the first time and loved it.  She said she was surprised when she found out later that it uses cumin and cilantro as those are not her favorite spices; apparently they are toned down by the garlic and soy sauce.  She also thought it was interesting that they serve the main dish over french fries with rice on the side.  Her waiter explained that potatoes are very basic to the cuisine, but that soy sauce and rice became part of it when people from China moved to Peru in the 1800s. 

She also tried Vietnamese food, and was disappointed, it was very like Chinese.  She will try another Vietnamese restaurant to see if this holds true.

Other than that, she has been to a few 'old favorite' restaurants for pizza and soul food and slept and read a few books.  She also started swimming again and found a new swimsuit yesterday at Target.  It is a two piece and she has wanted a two piece for quite a while.

Me, I have been going outside in the morning and evening and observing all her busyness, knowing that when this is all done she will be happy and that we can then welcome all our Royal Court, the Ladies of Autumn and our newest ally, the Countess Katie Isabella.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air

It may be that a new wind is blowing through the Realm.  The Prime Minister has seen her special MD and he has changed her medication.  She got the new pills yesterday and already feels better.  She has  used these pills in the past and they helped then, so we both believe they will help now.

And there is so much to do!  We have not officially welcomed Miss Katie Isabella yet.  And Sir Spitfire needs monitoring.  Diplomatic relations need to be refreshed.  And, do we want to enlarge the Royal Court? 

It's amazing what a little seratonin will do to a human!