Monday, March 21, 2011

Such Elegance, Such Pizazz

--reported by Fannie Floof

So yesterday saw the work of years of planning come to fruition.

After undergoing The Traumatic Event 12 years go, HRH Princess Treasure has known that she would need to adopt an heir to continue the successful rule of the Sphinx Dynasty over the Realm of Capitol Drive.  She and the Queen Bea Emeritus also needed someone to govern the Monarchy of St. Allis.

Yesterday her dream was fulfilled.  The day began about 10 with the grand chipmunk hunt.  Many common citizens as well as all the personages and royalty participated in this, making it a riotous event.  The first to produce a trophy was Mario, who steadfastly pursued his goal while others contested vigorously against each other.  Was The Spitster just a wee bit jealous of Simba after Simba's performance at the tournament?  Wink Wink...

Mario was awarded all the lizard turnovers and hummingbirds tongues he could eat.  He was also awarded a ribbon to fasten to his bow tie. 

Security does not allow us to report on the finalizing of the adoption papers.

Lunch on the promenade was a quiet affair with a light picnic of snails and crawfish. 

Watch for our special edition regarding the ceremony and ball later this evening.


  1. Oh, I seriously cannot wait. Looking forward to it.

  2. Oh MY Gosh - thanks for the Ribboin. It was such an exciting chase too, but I am fast on my paws. Now I want to find out who is being adopted and who the nest heir will be. Ohhh, I can't wait until tomorrow.

  3. Jealous? Moi? Well, perhaps just a little.

    I was just the eensiest bit resentful that Mario didn't leave a few more lizard turnovers for the rest of us Manly Huntsmen.

    But enough of the complaining! The sanils and crawfish were beyond delicious and the BALL! Well, I'll let you do the describing....