Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Worst is Over

Kitties,  I think that the PM 'turned the corner' Thursday.  After serious laying on of paws, purr therapy and all of your love, she seems to be on the mend. 

We are both sick of the snow.  We will have a few days so lovely and warm that we can open the windows, and then it will get cold and snow again.  I hate going out in snow, it gets my paws wet.  And the birds and squirrels hide, so there is no TV.

The PM says her next big project is cleaning the castle, since she has not been up to doing a good job of it in about a month.  She wishes the Royal Court included a chambermaid to take care of this.  The PM is not looking forward to the time it will take to get caught up, but knows we will enjoy the result.

Feeling more optimistic,

I remain your ally,

Princess Treasure

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Still down for the count.

The PM continues to be sick after going to the human v-e-t and 'finishing a course of antibiotics'....although, what are wrong with biotics?

Anyway,  she works and sleeps.  I cuddle and purr.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

quiet right now

The PM has been under the weather for several weeks with sinus, ear and throat infection.  She finally went and got antibiotics last night and called in sick to work today.  Hopefully she feels better soon and things will return to normal.  See you then!  Treasure

Saturday, February 5, 2011

For Immediate Release

Spitty of the SanFran outpost (also known as the end of the known world) became Sir Spitfire at an tasteful,yet quiet ceremony on Sunday night.

Arrangements for the ceremony location were effectively handled by his servant, the human, who provided the appropriate picture window for the final test.  La Diviana, of the luxurious, black head furs, presided as proxy for the Princess.

Spitfire performed admirably, vowing to give up play and baths as needed by the realm and pledged undying fealty to the realm. 

At the final test, to ensure his heart was true and worthy, his swordtip was placed on his forehead.  The entire length of the sword continued to glow a rich, ruby red, testifying to his worthiness.  La Diviana later stated, 'In as many times as I have served the world of felines, I have never seen a sword lit up the entire length of the blade.  This bodes well for Sir Spitfire's career.'

As the ceremony ended, Sir Spitfire was presented with a gift from the Princess, a red leather swordbelt with silver embroidery.  May he wear it in good health.

Upon receipt of La Diviana's report, proclamations were made throughout the land and giblet tots were served to the citizenry.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

BIizzard Daze!

And yes, the PM has been in a daze!  The snows were so bad that she was allowed to leave her job as fundraiser for the realm early on Tuesday and was off all day Wednesday.

However, that meant more attention for Me!  Have any of the other felines out there ever had yogurt?  Or chicken giblets?

I had my third yogurt Tuesday night--raspberry.  Not as good as lemon, but better than strawberry.  I lapped up quite a bit.

Then, on Wednesday, she baked a chicken and finally after *13 years* thought to cook the giblets for me.

I don't think I've every had something quite so scrumptious.  I recommend them highly.

We are so pleased that Spitfire has been knighted.  We look forward to his first formal intelligence report on the dog park near his outpost.