Friday, November 26, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ringo Returns

Your Most Royal Highness, the Princess Treasure,

I am pleased to report that the preparations for the adoption ceremony proceed surely.

Recently, a security summit was held with General Boopsie Bear, Ambassador Blackjack and other invited individuals.  It was determined that the Most Adorable Princess Coco should travel in caravan from her governorship to The Realm's castle, wherein the adoption ceremony will take place.

A plan has been worked out which all believe will allow You to meet her safely at the border of Happylands  and the realm in order to accompany her on the final leg of her journey.  UPS will conduct aireal surveillance of the proceedings while the Clan Ringer will provide ground security.  It is not safe to report all details to you at this time, they will be conveyed verbally at the next meeting of the Security Council.

The following message was conveyed by Ambassador Blackjack from MAP Coco:

'Your Royal Highness,

'The honor you bestow on me by offering to make me Your Heir continues to overwhelm me with joy.  It is not often that one as young as myself is considered able enough to assume management of a new realm (or two, if one counts the Queen Bea's) at the snap of a finger.  I hope such a day will be long in coming, although I delight in meeting you as soon as possible.

'Queen Miss Catt has kindly taken me under her wing to prepare for the adoption ceremony; her secretary of protocol anxiously awaits communications so that they can help me prepare appropriately for the journey.  For example, with climate changes, should one bring the mouse stole or the vole coat?

'But most of all, I respectfully offer all good wishes for the success of our upcoming trips.

'Yours most affectionately,


Wordless Wednesday

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tabby Tuesday, almost

Maybe on Monday

MondayI promised to see all of you on Sunday; it is the PM's fault I didn't.  Rather than choosing to fulfill one of her duties as Chronicler of The Realm, she actually 'took the weekend off'.

First she went to breakfast with some friends from work and then to get the annual cookie cookbook from A Big Business in Town.  Then they went to a church rummage sale.  Then she and one other person went to a surpuss store for menorah-making supplies.  (This is after she came home with a bag of stuff from a resale shop Friday after work. 

Then she slept the rest of the day.

Then she lazed around Sunday morning.  That was OK 'cuz we dozed in the sunlight.  Then she 'picked up some' and then went swimming.

She was gone a long time, because someone 'tried to take over her lane' so she swam more just to show thim that she's not just a menopausal ole woman.  She swam a mile again.

Then she went to dinner.

"Maybe on Monday", she said.

Then she slept some more.

Maybe she does need a vacation.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hi to all my friends from Windows Live who found me here!  It's good to see you!

The PM noticed that Queen Miss Katt's PM posted on Facebook that 'the only reason to get up is to get dressed and be up and at 'em'...or something to that effect.

We hope that the Queen has taught her the pure joy of dozing in the sunlight with coffee, a book and cat on your lap....

Monday, November 1, 2010

I love my mama (AKA the Prime Minister)

Diary entry: Secretary of Protocol

Alas!  It has been so busy since the Most Adorable Princess Coco accepted the Princess' offer of adoption.  Not that everyone is not excited, but these state affairs require so much preparation!

We understand that Princess Coco's innate beauty is greatly enhanced by the opalescent moonstone collar and that she pouts whenever she is asked to remove it.  What a feminine little girl!

Currently Princess Treasure wishes to meet Coco at the border of Happylands and Hereafter.  General Boopsie Bear has been called out of retirement to handle all security arrangements.  The General, Ringo and Ambassador Blackjack confer around the clock as security reports arise.  Keeping the kitchen informed of appropriate menus and tablesettings for such a masculine crew is a chore.

HRH is almost dithering with her excitement about the upcoming adoption proceedings, trying on first one collar and another.  She  has sent a runner (Buddy Bunny) with the exciting information to Queen Bea.  I remember clearly how lackadaisical the Queen could be and it has apparently become worse since she retired.  It looks as if Coco will have to travel to Richlands to meet the Queen and get her blessing.  Sigh.

Treasure has decided to be carried on her peridot pillow to green Coco.  She thinks it brings her eyes out to the greatest advantage.  This is probably true; it also photographs well.

To celebrate the festive occasion, a census is to be taken of the realm.  As all gather at their city squares, the proclamation of adoption will be read.  As soon as both Treasure and Coco have fixed their pawmarks to the adoption papers, and they have been witnessed by the Prime Ministers, already positioned staff from UPS (Upwind Peregrine Sails) will drop pussy willow blossoms on the crowds.  That will be a signal for mousepops and and vole's hearts to be distributed to all with contests of feats of strength and beauty afterwards.  The changes of dress alone!  Sigh....