Friday, March 18, 2011

On Their Way

We have just received word from UPS runners that all parties are en route with no disaster or other delays to their arrival.

Princess Coco has been resting quite comfortably in the ameneties of Heron Express due to their extreme smooth sailing.

The Admiral has been skillfully commanding the crew of her galleon in order to provide the most efficient services and best comfort to her guests.  Sir Spitfire has been seen practicing with his cape and sword on deck while Queen Miss Cat has the final fittings for her ball gown.


  1. All is well and we will send The Queen's Ravens when we are near enough to your port to be seen.

  2. WOW, I think I'm witnessing something extra special here, but haven't quite figured out what yet. Hmm, have a lot of questions, but I supposed if I just be patient, they will be answered in due time.

  3. Land ho! But I'm staying on board with the Admiral for the night. See you tomorrow!