Sunday, March 6, 2011

Archive 3; Ringo reports on rigorous training.

So neora thinks I need training before going to Utah.  She forgets, I’ve scouted downtown and the Audubon Sanctuary.  Plus, we met ‘cuz i imigrated from the forest to the city to pursue my career as an acrobat.
She decided we needed a training trip.  OK, i sez, a bit o’ prep couldn’t hurt.  So she took me to that moraine place she always goes to.
She decided i needed to know how to cross water:

We talked about using bridges and stowing away on boats.  She also said that sometimes a waterbird might give me a ride.  She says this river and lake are nothing compared to some rivers and seas i will see on the trip.  Hmmmm….
We also talked about the rout i has to take.  she says it’s so long, it’s like going to the moon.  Now really, do i looks like i was borned yesterday?  Certainly wise ole great-unc kipper would have told me about this if it were true!  She said one good way is to follow a traintrack, as long as i don’t gets runned over.  She showed me a traintrack.
She sez that these big things called trains run on them like a car drives on the road.  If i sees one moving, i havta jump off the track.  But, if it’s stopped, that’s another place i can stow away.
PM neora forgettin her position.  She’s making this trip into a big deal.  Plan was to spy on the hosses to see if we should treaty with dem.  Now she’s helping princess to write a treaty.  She says I have to take my uniform and medals.  She’s so wound up she wants agent blakjak from Queen misscats realm to go wih me and she wants me to take the calvary.  Doh!
But I got bck at her.  She wuz opening the nuts, so i bumped her hand.  The nutz went everywhere!  Then I decided to take a nap.

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  1. Now Ringo, I know Queen Miss Catt would be glad to send Agent BlackJack if you feel he could be of service. But that move with the can of nuts...masterful, MOL.