Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lazing around

I've been taking it easy since our expedition.  Laying in the sun, watching bird and squirrel TV; now that's the life!  It's good to have a break from the royal duties now and then.

The Ambassador and PM have been taking some trips into the surrounding country in order to maintain our relationships with the sandhill cranes and turkeys.  They have also seen deer, a turtle and a heron. 

The PM is posting this on a break from fundraising, so she can't post a picture today.  Hopefully next time!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Just for CCL Wendy!

Thank you for nagging the PM into
taking some more pictures of me.

Here's one of our favorites from the latest batch.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Illuminating Fact!

HHHHMMMMMMMM.....an illuminating fact about me....

First, many thanks to Lady Audrey at Simba's Antics for choosing me.  This is my first award.

Hopefully the PM will learn how to pull the badge over to this site so I can show it off.

(Thanks Lady Audrey for the nomination and everyone else for telling my PM how to do this!)

When I was three months old and met the PM, I was the size of a teeny beanie baby from McDonald's.  But I was able to jump to the top of the refrigerator anyways.  Someone nicknamed me Slinky because I have springs for legs......

I would like to nominate

Emperor Maximus Wriggly Kitty Spittimus on 'I is Maximus Wriggly Kitty Spittimus'
Mario of 'Mario's Meowsings'
Percy of 'Adventures of Percy the Cat'
Harley on 'Daisy the Curly Cat' and
Dante on 'All about Lacocoon Dante'.