Friday, March 18, 2011

At Last!

The Admiral is on her way with Sir Spitfire and Queen Miss Catt for the adoption ceremony.  Coco is being transported by Heron Express.

All my minions scurry around with the last minute details; the PM had a hard time breaking away for her fund-raising activities.

I am preening myself with the peridot tiara and bracelet while waiting the final dusting off of the peridot pillow on which I will be conveyed to The Landing to meet all honored guests.

All quarters are ready and the late night snack of minnows on toast will, I hope, be a satisfying repast for everyone.


  1. Hope all goes well. Thank you for the invite but Happy Frog and I will be hopping our way around London all of this weekend. :-)

  2. Ih, it will be a fine welcome I am sure; and Queen Miss Catt has pronounced upon her gown and it is ready for donning.

    I know the Princess Coco the Adorable will be happy and HRH Treasure..oh, the fineness of her raiment and peridot bracelet on that delicate arm..oh, it makes me breathless in anticipation.