Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Black Angel

Angel is a very special little black cat.  Angel lives in a 'group home' (where unrelated humans pretend to be a pride) with her human people.

Angel came to the group home with her mommie from their house where they lived together for many years.  They have always been good company for each other and have taken care of each other.

Angel was also a good citizen of the Realm because she would watch her yard and surroundings very well and nip problems in the bud.  She worked very hard as a scout and guard.  She and her mommie retired before moving into the pride.

Angel's mommie is very short and small.  To help her walk, she uses a rollator walker, which has big wheels, a seat and a bar across the back.  When she walks with it, Angel sits on the seat, props her front paws on the bar and makes sure the path is clear for her mommie.

We award Angel the Golden Heart award for her years of faithful service.


  1. Angel sounds like an Angel. I myself am not inclined to be so very helpful to my Human, although you might want to check my blog tomorrow ;-)

  2. Yes, Angel sure sounds like an Angel. What a sweetie she is.

  3. Oh, Treasure, I am so happy to learn that these two ladies love one another just as me and my mom love one another.

    That was so nice that you awarded her that Award. It was much deserved, it sounds like.

    I hope the Adorable Princess Coco is doing well?