Thursday, May 31, 2012


Although I may be 14, I don't always act my age.  Sometimes I let my furs down and zoom-zoom around the apartment.  I can turn on a dime and give you 9 cents change!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The PM just realized she had several drafts and had not made a decision about what to do with them.  She posted three--one with a picture--and deleted the rest.  If they seem out of order, it's 'cuz they are!

(Apologies from the PM)

Reception Hour

as reported by Fannie Floof.

After the Security Council, a small, informal reception was held in the Princess Treasure's private drawing room.  All members of the Council, including new members Princess Coco and Sir Spitfire, were in attendance.  Simba, being considered for knighthood, was also in attendance.  At the reception, it was announced that further intelligence is being gathered on the security of the realm, no details were provided.

Always gracious and generous in manner, Princess Treasure greeted each attendee with a nose tap; Princess Coco the Adorable also received a head bonk. 

Happy Days

First off, I wish to say 'Happy Thanksgiving' to everyone. I hope you all had a restful, yet exciting day full of family and fowl. In the Realm, we celebrated with a capon, which none of us had before. It was very good, although the PM complained about the $3/lb cost. You should have seen the size of the neckbone! That was my special treat.
We ended up having it yesterday as it did not thaw in time for Thursday.
The PM has a new computer and she is not totally comfortable with it yet. She has been uploading a lot of older pictures on it. We both like this one of me very much; well I was going to share one with you, but she says the computer is not cooperating.
Anyway, everything has been quiet lately. The PM is being a couch potato homebody. Her words, not mine. I have enjoyed this as it has meant some cuddling

Winter Days

This is me several years ago; Dante's Mommy said there are not enough pictures of me here, so I gave the PM a stern talking to. Here I am planning my attack on a string from the blinds, a girl must be ready to defend her honor at a moment's notice, you know!
The PM has been having a rough time; week before she had one client die, had to listen to another one call her a liar for an hour at a state hearing, had to listen to another one with dementia insult her when they were trying to get out of the program she works in and another one ended up in jail after beating up his caregiver.
She took Monday off for her birthday and had a nice lunch with a friend. She had a crabcake and brought some home to share. That was good.
The next day, she visited a client with a co-worker and fell when she was leaving their house. She went to the human vet and found out she had arthritis in her knee. The vet is not sure that is all that is wrong, so she has to use a cane for now. She did find one with pink roses--and it was even on sale--so it's not as bad as it could have been.
Needless to say, this throws a crimp in our plans. However, since I am bored and need something to preoccupy myself with, we are going to have a wedding for the Admiral and Nikita. Since they had the audacity to elope, none of us got to celebrate with them. So, Admiral and Nikita, next Sunday?
And Sir Spitfire, this is required attendance!
Maybe we can get much of the same crowd from the adoption and the summer picnic--and, of course, The Ladies of Autumn. So, Dante, Daisy, Harley, Mario, Simba, Audrey and Spitfire, are you ready to rock and roll?

Fourteen Years Old!

Yes, I am turning into a Grand Old Lady, despite being ever-youthful with a merry heart.

Since I was rescued from a shopping center parking lot, we don't know exactly when my birthday is.  However, I was gotchaed by the PM at the end of August and was about three months old at that time, so we celebrate for the whole weekend of Memorial Day!  We remember soldiers, too, who make it possible for us to have the peaceful, free life that we enjoy.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Home again, Home again

As you remember, the last time we heard from our little sortie, they were napping in sunpuddles after feasting at the picnic.  The SS Extra Helping had been scheduled to leave that night, but due to grogginess on the part of the crew, departure was delayed until the next morning.

That evening at dusk saw the appearance of a ragged remnant of the Acorn Liberation Front, attacking the birdfeeders in the Countess' TV.  A quick raid involving General Boopsie Bear, Agent Blackjack and our fearless Knights dispatched them summarily.  Their tails were taken as trophies and sailed as pennants from masts of our lovely ship. 

Fires were lit and songs were composed in honor of our brave heroes.  Mario, who has a surprisingly deep bass, had the most courtly way with words and was summarily appointed Court Musician by Princess Treasure.  Congratulations, Mario!

The skies were full of shooting stars and Audrey could not resist trying to catch a few.  Eventually the flames turned into embers and conversation became quiet.

The next morning arrived with a glorious blue sky.  After a farewell Continental Breakfast of poached salmon garnished with pickled voles tails, we reluctantly bid good-bye to the loving and loyal Countess. Promises of future meetings were exchanged.  As a token of the journey, everyone was presented with a ruby paw-ring.

The wind was with our little crew and they speedily arrived back at the Realm of Capitol Drive.  Many citizens and allies, including several members of the Ladies of Autumn, were on hand to greet the Princesses with a round of 'For They are Jolly Good Royals' and cheers.  Mousepops were served to all present to commemorate the day.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Poop Deck Picnic

The next morning arrived bright, with a mild breeze.  All agreed it was a fine day to munch on frogs legs during a poop deck picnic.  Dante and Sir Spitfire (who has secretly pledged to reform his ways) accompanied the Princess Coco to the yacht to snoopervise the firing up of the grill.  Mario accompanied them, promising a special marinade and sauce for the legs.

While all three were assisting in these chores, Princess Coco consulted with First Mate Cheezit and Quartermaster Scruffy.  There had been no sightings of nefarious dogs.  Revolting squirrels had wisely avoided the perimeter of the Realm of The Glen.  Today's weather offered smooth sailing, if Princess Treasure were to decide to cast off.

Soon, all were gathered on the deck partaking of this fine, but casual repast; HRH the Princess Treasure had cast so much formality aside that she even picked up a leg with her claws!  When silence fell across the group at this, she noted how close she felt to everyone and that she hoped everyone would put aside court manners for the afternoon.  After a short, stunned silence, a cheer erupted.  Hats were tossed in the air and Spitty was seen chasing Audrey around the stern.

The meal completed, and formal attire set aside, everyone found their favorite sunpuddle and settled down to let lunch digest.

The Glen

Certainly Katie Isabella could not have chosen a lovelier location than the Glen for our dinner that night!  This magical copse in the woods near her castle delicately allowed streamers of sunset light to color the atmosphere, rays bouncing off the multi-colored wildflowers.  Hummingbirds, wrens, finches and other birds provided a living, darting ceiling of color and song.  Lovely yellow butterflies and blue ones drifted from flower to flower.

Never has such comfort been experienced as on the dandelion-fluff filled quilts.  The table settings were impeccable, since peridot is flattering to any kitty, as is known the world over.  Roasted leg of vole and breast of dove were delectable, perhaps even more so due to the splendor of the setting and grace of the service.

Special mention must be made of the favors-the delightful gold castings of Bas made from Egyptian-era molds.  So lifelike, so real, and so much in the image of Princess Treasure, further proof of her nobility.

After a gracious and modest welcome to The Land of The Glen, the Countess heard the proclamation written by Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo and denounced by Dante.  It notes her to be a worthy heir to the Admiral and a Southern lady replete with all feline social graces.  She gently accepted a continuance of the alliance formed with the Admiral and expressed her gratitude for the favors extended to her by all to date.

Following this, the Countess led all on a tour of her governance, including the Glen, th e neighboring meadow policed by Agent Blackjack and her castle, including the new cat tree she has been gifted with.  All found a place to snuggle so the night hours could be wiled away counting hummingbirds.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


After the frog hunt, it was time to prepare for meeting the Countess who is the reason for our voyage.  All went below deck to groom furs and to prepare evening finery. 

The crew weighed anchor at the end of Frogamore Creek, just a few feet from land.  Dingys were prepared for lowering into the water.  Finally, the entourage was on deck.

In the first boat went Mario, Dante, Agent Blackjack and General Boopsie Bear.  Upon arrival at the landing, Mario and Dante, in ceremonial moss green sashes, pulled their kazoos and let forth a peal of blasts to announce the Princess' arrival.  Agent Blackjack and General Boopsie Bear, both in dress military uniform, made a ceremonial turn around the landing with penants in hand.

The second boat bore Sirs Spitfire and Simba with Lady Audrey.  Upon landing, and after assisting Lady Audrey to land, Sirs Simba and Spitfire bore standards to the far end of the landing.  Both were most dashing in the court helmets of bronze accented by chrysomalechite.  Lady Audrey paraded down the landing in a teal gown, wearing a collar of iolite.  She tossed daisy petals in her wake.

The final boat carried Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo wearing all medals on his formal evening attire.  Princess Coco was innocence herself in pink dotted swiss and her beloved moonstone collar.  Princess Treasure appeared regal in gold brocade adorned with pearls.

As the boat was tied to dock, Countess Isabella, resplendent in red, awaited at attention at the entrance to the landing.  Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo handed up both Princesses, who paraded down the runway arm in arm.  Upon reaching the halfway mark, they paused to allow the Countess to approach them.  As she did, Sir Ringo read from the family tree to demonstrate the Countess' membership in the Sphynx Clan and cousinship to the Princesses.  Finally, Princess Coco presented the Countess with a garnet drop collar as a momento of the occasion while Princess Treasure graciously received the Countess' curtsey.  Hurrahs burst forth from all attendants as Princess Treasure bestowed a nose tap on the Countess.

With this, it was onto the banquet prepared most ably by Countess Katie and her able staff.

Frogs a-hopping

Hello, this is Maxie Manx reporting the results of the frog catching contest held in Frogamore Creek this afternoon.

It was an exciting day held in perfect conditions for such a contest; the air was dry, but the recent rains left plenty of mud to track the frogs.  Indeed, the mud was sticky enough to trap some frogs, adding a slight fillip to the proceedings.

Signed up for the race were both Knights, Mario, Dante and Lady Audrey.  Lady Audrey was in the number one position at the Gate, extending out were Mario, Sir Spitfire, Dante and Sir Simba.  The bell was rung by Princess Coco and they were off!

In the lead was Mario, followed closely by Lady Audrey and Dante  Sirs Simba and Spitfire appear to be a bit weighted down by their gear.  We shall see if they can turn this into an advantage.

At the first turn Lady Audrey spots a frog and takes it down handily.  Dante finds the head of the clan, a fine looking specimen, and takes off after it.  Mario does a two for one, bringing first one down, then somersaulting to catch a second one in pre-hop position.

Sir Spitfire finds a frog hiding in the end of a log and uses the tip of his sword to flip it into the air before catching it on the end of same sword. Not to be outdone, Sir Simba racks up three frogs on the same arrow, an amazing feat of archery.

Now they are all past the halfway point.    Sir Spitfire appears to be reforming and focusses his energy on using his mace to stun a half-dozen frogs before scooping them into his creel--he just avoided landing in the soup that time!  Sir Simba continues to bring in frogs with each arrow.  Mario repeats his two for one while Lady Audrey brings down a sweet trio with a tail flick sweet to behold.  And finally, Dante continues to bring down the jumbo sized delights that may be too much for the others to handle.

They've all passed the finish line now and it is time for the judges to assess the catch.

 Results are being announced now:  Lady Audrey wins best maneuver for the invention of her tidy little tail flick good for three frogs.  Mario's two for one somersault wins steadiest maneuver for his consistent results.  Dante wins for heaviest catch recorded while Sir Simba receives the Finn McCool medal for archery.  But our champion is Sir Spitfire for risking wet toes in bringing down 6 frogs simultaneously.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Here ye! Here ye!

HRH Princess Coco's voyage had been proceeding expeditiously but with all innate feline reserve about water.

Agent Blackjack continues to wear his wellies, the aqua color of which does set off his black furs enticingly.  He has been conferring with General Boopsie Bear regarding the status of the Acorn Liberation Front, to which General had sent much support when revolution broke out several years ago.  Agent Blackjack has been able to report that most cells have been forcibly disbanded and 8 of 10 ringleaders apprehended.

Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo has been preparing a proclamation to be read upon arrival.

Sirs Spitfire and Simba have been running drills with Quartermaster Scruffy to ensure they will be 'in synch' during ritual maneuvers and quick to draw their swords if needed to protect Their Royal Highnesses.

Lady Audrey, Mario and Dante have been indulging in some cat piles and have been joined by everyone during their breaks.

Princess Treasure has had a private audience with each person on board, from the lowest matey to swab the decks to HRH Princess Coco the Most Adorable.  She had heard cases and made the wise, judicious decisions for which she has become legendary. She has also received pleasing tribute.

After travelling through Happylands and Happenstance via the River Misstep, the ship has now turned the (tributary corner) to the Pecan Delta and is proceeding up the Frogamore Creek.  It is expected they will land at Countess Katie Isabella's pier at sundown tonight.  This afternoon's entertainment will be a contest to see who can catch the most frogs for the creek with a planned frogslegs luncheon upon the yacht tomorrow.

News of the Countess' plans for our arrival sound most auspicious!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sailing, Sailing.....

From the Princess Treasure's Diary:

Finally we are off!  I have really been so intrigued by the reports of I have heard of the Countess' vivacity that it is good to be on the way.  It is too bad our start was delayed by bad weather.

Sir Spitfire seems to have forgotten any military discipline he knows; it is amazing that a rookie like Sir Simba is setting the better example.  What shall We do with our Spitty?  Lord knows he is entertaining enough.  However, I will not have Coco subjected to such blatant flirtation.

Now, Mario, Simba and Dante, there are some fine gentlemen.....Simba has learned when he can go that extra bit (like stealing the kiss from Queen Miss Catt), Mario's bashfullness ensures appropriate behavior and Dante has a naturally regal and reserved personality.  We are very satisfied and amused by their genteel ways.

Lady Audrey is a most pleasant companion and has helped to while away the hours when we were in drydock yesterday.

The Countess has asked if she should row out to meet us; I think it better that we proceed the way planned and have the first meeting on land.  It would be a shame if she also succumbed to seasickness!

Through Happylands and passing through Happenstance now.  I am glad Coco could plan a rout to avoid the Hinterlands.  The Misstep River is pleasant this time of year.

Rough Sailing

From the CPO's log:

Embarkation at 1830 pm, passengers consisting of HRH Princess Treasure, Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo, General Boopsie Bear, Sir Simba and Audrey, Sir Spitfire, Mario and Dante.

Dinner served 1900 pm to high compliments forthwith forwarded to the Chef.

Thunderbooms arrive at 2020pm.  Exchanged evening attire for Red Paw hat and provided solace to all passengers afflicted with seasickness.  Mario very helpful and solicitous to all.  Sir Spitfire probably the most miserable.

Departure delayed until 1200 Noon tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And They're Off!

Frannie Floof here reporting on last night's bon voyage to Princess Treasure and all other travellers on the SS Extra Helping.  As previously noted, Princess Coco the Most Adorable, being Chief Petticoat Officer of the yacht, has been able to bring it out of retirement and a royal expedition is being made to provide official Royal Greetings and Welcomes to the Countess Kathryn Isabella, another member of the august Sphynx Clan.

Princess Coco's arrival was greeted by Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo, General Boopsie Bear, Sir Spitfire (with feather sadly drooping following unauthorized festivities--where is your impulse control, Spitty?), Sir Simba and Lady Audrey, Mario and the Prime Minister.  She was escorted off the yacht while the crew was joined by maintenance and catering workers from teh Realm to prepare her for the voyage.

All were greeted by the Princess Treasure, gracefully ensconced on the new throne.  Minions passed quail egg benedict and catnip sodas to all.  A Proclamation declaring May 15th to be 'New Vistas' day was read.  During this time, Dante arrived and was greeted warmly by all.

After several minutes of the figure 8 minuet and a new rendering of 'Nip for Two' prepared by Sir Simba and Lady Audrey, all proceeded to the vessel where an attentive crew showed each person to their quarters. 

Later that night, all feasted on hummingbird's tongue salad, roasted shrew brisket and catnip tarts.  Niptinis were passed under the clear, starry sky.

Anxiously awaiting further developments!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Princess Coco's Arrival

The Prime Minister has just received word that the SS Extra Helping has docked at the pier; anchor has been weighed.  All maintenance staff has reported to duty to prepare the yacht to carry HRH Princess Treasure.

Princess Coco the Most Adorable lived up to her name in a white on white embroidered dimity dress and her favorite moonstone collar.  She was ably assisted by Agent Blackjack, that jack of all trades, who looked smart in his aqua wellingtons as he is most plagued by pneumonia from toe-dampness.

We have received word from Sir Spitfire that he will be reporting for duty and from Mario, Sir Simba and Lady Audrey that they will be able to attend.

Let the festivities commence!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's Official

HRH Princess Treasure
cordially invites one and all
Princess Coco the Most Adorable's
inaugural voyage of
the SS Extra Helping.

Departing May 15
from the pier in the Realm
at sundown.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chief Petticoat Officer!

We have received the most exciting communication from Princess Coco the Most Adorable; we had all been feeling bereft of the Admiral's presence and were saddened to think that our voyaging days were over.  Imagine our pleasure at receiving the following transmission:

Dear Princess Treasure et al,

I wanted you to know why I have not redeemed my ticket from Heron Express.  The Admiral and I had been preparing a surprise for you and I have been able to finish it on my own:  I am the Chief Petticoat Officer for the HRM SS. Extra Helping!  We will be able to continue all naval adventures and peace-time cruises.  Because of this, I am suggesting that we cruise down to visit the Countess Katie Isabella rather than all convening near her house.  I'm betting Simba and Audrey will be happy to join us, although I am not so sure about Sir Spitfire. 

Have you considered Sir Simba?

Princess Coco