Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Dream Accomplished

Tonight's special edition covering The Royal Adoption is sponsored by Claws R Us, your source for expert assistance when your human just won't mind.  Success guaranteed.


It has been a weekend of historic events in the Realm of Capitol Drive: two rescued princesses of the Sphinx Dynasty form an alliance, The Queen Bea (Emeritus) sends a message, a romance forms between an Admiral and a Knight and a common citizen of the empire wins the grand chipmunk hunt!

But now for the final update on the adoption ceremony and ball:

Both the Queen Bea and the Princess Treasure underwent The Traumatic Event at a tender age.  Both knew the urgency of alliance or adoption to continue the benevolent rule they conducted over the Monarchy of St. Allis and the Realm of Capitol Drive.  Years of watching the royals and speculation regarding the fate of their lands fueled gossip which, on occasion, has caused great distress to the royal households.

Then, tragically, the Queen was forced to retreat to her country dower house in Richlands when she became too disabled to rule.  The Princess, with the generosity and social conscience she is known for, agreed to assume Regency for St. Allis.

There were possibilities; the son of a lady in waiting, a kitten adopted by neighboring humans, but all for naught.

Suddenly, Most Adorable Little Lady Coco appeared on the scene; another rescued member of the Sphinx Dynasty, she assumed governorship of a territory under the rule of Queen Miss Catt.  With grooming, the Princess realized that Lady Coco could become a worthy successor to the throne.

After time to grow into her responsibilities, the adoption was planned for 3-20-11, the spring equinox and a most propitious time for an adoption.

The ceremony was held on the promenade so as to allow a many of the citizenry as possible to participate in this historic event.  First to enter were agents, knight and diplomats in their official uniforms. After a fanfare by The Serenaders, an a cappello chorus, the Queen Miss Catt was ushered in by Simba, whose audacity in stealing a kiss from a queen has captivated the nation.  Next came Prime Minister Neora Warmlapp.

The arrival of the Princesses was delayed several minutes by the arrival of a missive from the Queen Bea welcoming Coco to the throne.  They were honored to be ushered by their jointly chosen escort, Mario.  Mario, selected for his modesty and skill displayed during the grand chipmunk hunt, appeared daunted by the occasion, but performed his duties capably.

As the sunset began, PM administered the oath of office to Princess Coco, who promised to honor the traditions of the Sphinx dynasty, to continue protecting all felinedom from nefarious dogs and to rule over realm and monarchy in a beneficent yet firm manner.  Cheers erupted as she was crowned with the diamond and ruby crown by Princess Treasure, who unbent so much as to nose tap and bonk Little Coco on the promenade.

Ribbons and feathers erupted over the courtyard.  Catnip sachets were the most popular of the keepsake available in the courtyard.

The Royal Ball immediately followed.  During the Grand Parade, the Admiral was escorted by Sir Spitfire (is a wedding too far behind?), the Queen Miss Catt was escorted by Simba, the Prime Minister was escorted by Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo.  Princess Treasure was escorted by Sir Ambassador Agent Blackjack and the Princess Coco, new heir to the throne, was escorted by Mario.  This was a historic precedent as a newly adopted Princess would typically be escorted by a Royal Uncle.

The decorations of catmint, oatgrass and catnip mice were enticing.  The music, provided by the Tin Alley Cats, provided the perfect backdrop for dancing.  A special, encore performance of 'Nip for Two' was provided by The Serenaders. 

A midnight dinner of creamed crab over rice followed by giblet tarts ended the series of events planned for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.  The Royals and all guests will spend Monday and Tuesday recuperating from the festivities and sight-seeing before returning home.


  1. I have set sail with my passengers toward home. My memories will always be richer for having been there and partaken of the Adoption ceremonies.

    Princess Coco is regal and well trained. She is demonstrably ready to assume whatever authorities that HRH Princess Treasure cares to designate at this time.

    Thank you for the experience and the honor.

    Admiral Hestorb

  2. The Admiral steered the ship homeward with just enough dispatch to ensure a timely arrival, but not so much that there was not time for some, ahem, hijinks on the high seas.
    I must bow humbly to the Princesses and the PM for staging a most grand and worthy Adoption Ceremony. Tales of this occasion will be recorded for all time in the formal and informal annals of the realm.
    Now I'm off to Woofie Patrol!

  3. (rubbing eyes, just coming out of "faint") Wow - dat was some dream I had. I just escorted Princess Treasure down the isle for the Adoption Ceremony. This little moggie still can't believe dat dream - it seemed so real. (pulling catmint out of fur) - now where did dis come from? OMG - Dat must not have been a dream afterall! (faint again)

  4. Ah, and what a very memorable kiss it was!

  5. I hear Miss Catt's whiskers are still trembling with the thoughts of that kiss from handsome Simba.