Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adoption schedule of events

--Friday, 18th, PM

  Princess Treasure greets Coco, Queen Miss Catt, Admiral Hestorb and all other personages and functionaries at the border of the realm.  She accompanies the royal personages to their quarters in the castle.  A chance to refresh themselves will be provided before a late night snack is provided.

--Saturday, 19th, AM

 Princess Treasure and Coco breakfast privately in order to learn more about each other and to discuss shared values and philosophies of ruling.  All other guests to attend breakfast buffet and tour grounds of the realm.

--Saturday, 19th, Noon

 After a parade through the courtyard, the royal security forces will be presented for review.  Mousepops to be served to the populace.  Feats of cunning and strength tournament to follow.

--Saturday, 19th, PM

  Dinner banquet followed by tour of the archives and treasury.

--Saturday, 19th, late night

 Seranading by loyal subjects.

--Sunday, 20th, AM

 Grand chipmunk hunt.

--Sunday, 20th, Noon

  Final review of all legal papers pertinent to the adoption.  Lunch on promenade whilst watching TV followed by grooming and final preparations for the adoption ceremony.

--Sunday, 20th, PM

 Adoption ceremony followed by formal ball.

--Monday through Tuesday, 21 & 22nd.

 Rest and relaxation.

Wednesday, 23

--All foreign dignitaries depart.


  1. I will be honored to swing by and pick up Sir Spitfire, and Queen Miss Catt.

  2. Wow! That's quite the roster of events these royal cats must go through. I hope you've scheduled some time for rest!

    Thanks for coming by to say hello to Dante!

  3. I'll be waiting for the Admiral with bells on! I am very eager for the serenading and the ball, specially if I can have the Admiral all to myself without that Ru-Man!
    Sir Spitfire

  4. I have communicated with QueenMiss Catt and Sir Spitfire and told them to be ready when they hear the bells in the harbor.