Sunday, March 6, 2011

Archive 2: Report to the Security Council by the Prime Minister

Fellow Council Members:
You may remember Princess Treasure’s recent authorization granted to her worthy diplomat and Scout, Ringo.  She wishes him to go to Utah and treaty with Sir George and Lady Scamper.
I have been working with HRH and Ringo to prepare for the trip.  The treaty must be written up for him to take.  We need to locate the royal ambassadorial uniform and find luggage for Ringo.  The journey must be plotted and he must learn  the route.
Most of all, he needs to learn survival skills.  We were on a training expedition and he was unaware of the danger awaiting him: rivers to ford, transportation to catch, predators to deter. 
As we know,  impetuousness and the willingness to form relations with other sovereigns are among HRH Princess Treasure’s charm.  But they may cost us one of her more loyal and productive citizens.
As always, we took the Veil of Secrecy upon arrival and discussion of meeting b usiness may be met with the most severe of penalties.
Prime Minister Neora

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