Monday, July 25, 2011

An interesting (and big) barn

When the PM and Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo were on their expedition to renew our alliance with the cranes, they saw many interesting things.  One was this barn; the PM liked the roof and Ringo thought it would be great for a rest stop or safe house during intelligence gathering missions.

It looks even bigger from the other side:

I bet there's lots of nice nooks and crannies and little friends to play with.  Too bad you need to ride in an *automobile* to see it....

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Other photos from the Moraine

Renewing an alliance

The PM and Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo formed an expedition today which resulted in this meeting with our beloved sandhill cranes.  They were able to renew our aliance with this ancient and noble bird.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cat Appreciation Day

I actually received my sign of appreciation last night when, lo and behold, the PM made the weather inside the Royal Suite go from uberhot and uberstuffy to cool and comfy.  It seemed like a miracle to me.  She states she 'played with the circuit box and flipped the right circuit on' to 'make the a/c work'.  I don't care what any of that means;  I just know that it is so much more comfortable right now that I don't even want to go outside!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Wondrous Day

Today is a day that will be remembered throughout the history of the Realm.

The PM has struggled with fund raising for the Realm for many years and it had become quite a stressful, anxiety-filled experience for her.  The situation has become worse and worse and worse over time.  I think she was getting scared at times that she would not be able to take care of Me.

However, over the past month, Knight Errant Sir Honder and his damsel, the Lady Jenn, have been helping the PM by taking temporary control of financial managment/fund-raising.  They have already helped quite a bit and will be continuing to help the PM for a while longer.

The PM has been very happy and increasingly relaxed.  Yesterday, the most important thing happened when they helped her find a replacement automobile with which to conduct business.  It costs less than the old automobile and will cost less to run as well.  She likes it a lot.  She says it is 'fully loaded, with a sunroof and remote starter'. 

She is also feeling better because she has again been able to sleep better with the help of a machine she has not been using recently.

So we are celebrating in the Realm today; runners with Mouse Pops will be sent to all allies and citizens.

And, Admiral and Crew, thank you for the lovely ride you provided to Princess Coco and myself.  It was a beautiful night to be on the river.

--Princess Treasure

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Final Firefly Count

The results are finally in!  Such a close hunt, it took Buddy Bunny and his team quite a while to ensure all entries were accurately recorded and results tallied.

Tied for first place are Dante and Sir Spitfire with 22 fireflies each.  Congratulations!

Second place went to Admiral Hestorb with 19, third place was Simba with 18.  Rumor has it he  may have done better had he not been distracted by the alluring presence of the Queen Miss Catt.

A special award for Most Creative Use of Fireflies was awarded to Daisy, who fashioned tiaras for the ladies.

Congratulations to everyone and thank you for a memorable evening!

Blinky Peppertoes,
Public Relations
Realm of Capitol Drive

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Talent Show

After a wonderful picnic full of treats and delights continuously provided by the chef and his staff, a short nap was in order. Admiral Hestorb and Sir Spitfire groomed furs, Simba and Queen Miss Catt delicately shared nosetaps while being chaperoned by Audrey.  Dante and Daisy joined Princesses Coco and Treasure while Mario and Harley scampered about touring the courtyard chasing interesting scents.

Finally HRH gave the signal for the show to begin and Harley bounded to the stage to kick off the show.  His opening dialogue included ironic political satire about weiners and buns and humorous commentary on training gerbils.  Sir Spitfire offered a magic trick that dazzled the eyes; all eyewitness account differ as to what happened and it is hoped he may provide a slow-motion or written account of what he did and possible an explanation of the trick to see if others can replicate it.  Princess Coco danced a solo figure 8 minuet choreographed by the famous Diva Dina.  Mario and Daisy serenaded the audience with the ever-popular 'Nip for Two' followed by 'My Blanky tis to Me'. 

Simba could not be torn from Queen Miss Catt's side during this time, exhibiting the gallantry for which he has become so well-known.  Dante, representing Canada, remained by Princess Treasure's side in a diplomatic manner.

Details and results of the firefly count to be announced tomorrow.

Picnic Tonight!

This is Frannie Floof interviewing Princess Coco the Most Adorable about Capital Drive's festivities tonight.  Princess, how are all the guests coming to the picnic?

PC:  Most of us came by Heron Express, my favorite naturally, since they provided my transportation for the adoption ceremony. 
I came with Admiral Hestorb, her human, and Queen Miss Catt.  Simba, Audrey, Daisy and Harley came together.  Sir Spitfire has called to tell us he had a slight delay in takeoff but expects to be here momentarily.  Mario took the Heron taxi here as he lives fairly close.  Dante caught the Express and is just coming into sight....his landing will be very soon.

FF:  And what is on the schedule for tonight?

PC:  The picnic is first.  Princess Treasure is serving the mouse tarts with sausage gravy she is famous for along with hummingbird pickles and catnip tarts.  Sir Spitfire is bringing Gerbers and half-and-half.  Sweet pea salad will also be provided, one of Treasure's favorites.  Then we will have the talent show; Harley has agreed to emcee that.  Sir Spitfire has prepared a magic act.   I am going to do a solo figure 8 minuet.  Mario is going to seranade us with "Nip for Two".    We are unsure what the rest will do.  After that is the firefly count with the Tuna Can trophy going to the feline earning the highest points.   Buddy Bunny has agreed to tally the catches and declare the winner.

FF:  And is the talent show a competition?

PC:  No, not this time. The tournament provides adequate competition in regards to skills.  And there is the firefly count to satisfy the need to become alpha cat.

FF:  It looks like Dante has arrived.

PC:  Isn't he regal?  And a fine ambassador from Canada.  And there is Sir Spitfire dropping off his bag of goodies at the picnic table;  the guests are starting to line up already, as Treasure is known for her hospitality.

FF:  I understand that Admiral Hestorb's human came with her tonight, which is highly unusual.

PC:  Yes, she has been having a difficult time of it.  It was thought that the chance to visit with PM Neora and observe the festivities would brighten her day, as well as give the Admiral the night off.  Oh, look!  Simba has found his way to Queen Miss Catt and they are exchanging nose taps; he is also introducing his sister Audrey to her.  And the Queen has invited them to sit with her! 

FF:  Princess, thank you for your word.  We'll recap the talent show in  a short time./

Friday, July 1, 2011


How about a picnic Wednesday night after the American Humans are done celebrating whatever it is that they will be celebrating?

We'll have the picnic at 5, the talent show after that and then a nice firefly count to top off the evening.

Heron Express will pick up whoever needs a ride--including you, Admiral, if you wish.

I want to make some more friends.  So I hope that in addition to the regulars, that Dante and Mr. Puddy will come.  Also, Simba, will you invite Audrey?  I also hope that Daisy and Harley will.  Maybe Harley could be the court jester/emcee for the night?  All the regulars are free to invite others; the more, more the merrier