Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just a note

The Prime Minister has a new computer and is encountering difficulties in becoming acquainted with it. She has been downloading old pictures onto it and had planned to post some of me over the weekend, but the computer did not cooperate.

We had a nice, but quiet, Capon Day on Saturday as it was not defrosted in time on Thursday. My, but a capon is significantly bigger than the chicken she normally gets! Lovely neckbones and wings! That's something to be thankful for!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

In and Around the Castle

(A recent entry from the Princess' diary): We stay busy here at the castle. For the most part, my role is that of head of state. However, when the Prime Minister makes it rain and gets wet, I set aside my crown long enough to watch for drain devils; if they should start to take hold of the PM's toe, I can race to the rescue. Could Sir Spitfire teleport quickly enough to assist me if need be?

I stay entertained by the rabbits, squirrels and birds that live in the neighborhood. Our rabbits are small, quiet neighborly sorts and they find this a safe place to live; few predators seem to get to them. Same with the squirrels. Most of the squirrels keep their distance but the one who lives in the tree outside my window TV has had the temerity to scold me when I interrupt his nut collecting. Little does he realize how much luck my presence brings him!

There are several other cats who live around the courtyard, a large floofy calico and a small silver tabby named Smudge. Both are properly reserved, as befits a cat. However, there is a smart aleck little short-tailed black cat who does not get it. It has repeatedly pestered me and even followed me into the castle. I have some sympathy for it, it is a rescue cat like me, but it has gone past the point of irritating me at times. If only it would take a hint.

Ringo has been making is rounds and renewing many alliances. It is good to see him in action again; his whiskers fairly tremble with the excitement of each approaching day!

The Royal Chariot had a flat tire last week, and when the spare was put in place, it became flat as well. The PM has replaced the first tire, and must replace the other front tire. Then she must replace the spare. But Sir Errant Knight Honder has advised her how to proceed so as to maintain the financial stability of the Realm. He has been of invaluable assistance to the Prime Minister in recent months.

The PM also has enough money saved to pay off any charges left after her insurance pays what it will on her surgery. Another happy thing.

The redecorating of the castle continues and has discombobulated all of us at times, but the PM reassures me that she is making progress and I will be quite gratified with the results.

It is time for an event here in the realm. Must start planning and ordering my minions around.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Idea followup

The Mencat of Autumn, they could be of any color since they would be simply the partners, family and friends of the Ladies of Autumn......

Thursday, November 3, 2011

An Idea or Two

I am, the Princess Treasure, a proud member of Tau Lambda Alpha aka The Ladies of Autumn. It is a very august little sorority and I am glad I have joined. There have been occasions where mancats have tried to join us through nefarious means. It appears that the gatekeepers have been successful in rooting them out so far.

Today, while conferring with the PM, it came to mind that perhaps the men need their own group, an auxiliary organization. What do people think about 'The Boys of Autumn', Tau Beta Alpha or 'The Mencat of Autumn', Tau Mu Alpha? I think some of them might enjoy that and they could do boy things like have secret pawshakes and mottos. I wonder what the rest of the group will think.

I am also thinking of giving a reception for the Admiral and Nikita to celebrate their recent nuptials. Perhaps they would renew their vows for us? And, of course, TLA, my court and defensive personnel as well as all allies would be invited to attend.