Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mighty Huntress!

The PM has been slacking off lately; ever since I gobbled up my treats, she has not bothered to replace them.  (She states she's tried, but hasn't had any luck in the stores.  Hmph!  Treats are not that rare!)

So, I showed her.  She left the door ajar last evening so I could go inside and out while she was 'reading'.  Well, she was 'reading' really hard, snoring and everything!

So, I figure she's recently into bones and dedded stuff, and not giving me treats, I'll show her.  I caught a rabbit and brought it inside.  I left it for her where she gives me treats.  She was surprised this morning when she found it and not too happy about having to take the garbage out before work.

She was also surprised I got it inside the house as I had to haul it up two steps and it was half my size.

That'll teach her!

Friday, April 19, 2013

I was a greedy little gus

From the Princess' diary:

Wow!  I shocked myself and the prime minister a few days ago.  She brought home a new bag of treats, since I was almost out of the last ones and didn't really like them anyway.

She gave me one and put them where she normally keeps them on top of the refrigerator.  I was so clearly enjoying them that I got several more. 

The next morning, she heard me making a strange sound in the kitchen; when she came out, I had gotten the treats from the top of the frige and was trying to open them up.  She gave me one and put them away.

Last night, she got home, found the bag with a big hole I chewed in it on the living room floor.  It was empty.  I had eaten the whole bag of treats!

I guess she's right when she called me a greedy little gus.....

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Ignominy of it All

So, the Most Perfect Sisters in the World and their parents did come to visit; the PM had misunderstood, they did not arrive until Saturday evening.  So no one went to the rainforest, desert or temperate forest. 

They did go to the butterfly house, but the sisters were actually impressed with the pirate exhibit more.  PM says if you get a chance to go to this travelling exhibit, take it!

So, they had some time leftover and decided to pay ME a visit and show the proper attention due a princess.  So what do I do?  Run and hide under the bed for the duration of their visit!

Oh, well, I didn't have time to prepare, did I?