Friday, June 21, 2013

The Princess engages in a piece of gossip....

The Princess was overheard discreetly gossiping with the Queen Bea (Emeritus).  She noted that 'the Mommeh had dedded a spider at work'.  They were both pleasingly amazed at this development as the Mommeh is known to cringe at the sight of spiders and to not be able to move to escape them.

The Princess did clarify that the attack was not hand-to-hand combat or smackdown.  Rather, the Mommeh squirted the spider with cheap perfume and it dropped like a rock!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Princess Treasure feted at Jubilation for 15 years of grace, wisdom

--Fannie Flooff, American Cats Syndicated

Princess Treasure, beloved ruler of the Realm of Capital Drive and Regent of the Stallis Annex, was roundly feted at a tasteful, yet informal, jubilation cookout at Frog Alley.

 In attendance were Princess Coco the Most Adorable, Countess Katie Isabella, Lady Audrey, Royal Musician Mario and Sirs Spitfire and Simba.  Also in attendance was Lady Scamper representing the equine species.  Prime Minister Neora Warmlapp and Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo were also in attendance.  (Please check archives for more information on the momentous occasion of the feline/equine treaty.)

 The Princess was surprised by the sight that greeted her upon arriving at the alley, having been told that her attention was needed to break up a pack of nefarious dogs conspiring with members of the Acorn Liberation Front to patrol the borders of the Realm and to conduct guerilla attacks on the Bird and Butterfly Network.

 The PM and SAS Ringo accompanied the Princess on the ride via UPS.  The peregrine providing transport rode especially quiet thermals, ensuring the smoothest ride possible. 

Imagine her pleasure to see a buffet and hammock swaying in the breeze on Bald Bluff!  Imagine her comfort at seeing lavender and peridot satin pillows in the hammock and artistically arranged around the grounds!  Imagine her delight at seeing the men's obvious pleasure splashing in the sand while netting frogs!

 Upon her arrival, events rolled into action; Ringo cleaned the frogs and put them on to boil.  Countess Katie Isabella stirred the rabbit ragout.  Lady Audrey passed honeysuckle punch and toasted shrew toes.

 As the Princess' toes touched the daisy trail leading to the hammock, an honor guard was formed by all attending.  P. Treasure warmly waved and greeted each member of the guard as she passed.  Upon arriving at the hammock, she nestled against the peridot pillows which accented her eyes and drew a deep breath.

The Prime Minister led the group in a toast to the Princess, recounting her wisdom and generosity through the years.  Mario, Court Musician, lead all in a festive round of 'For She's a Jolly Good Princess' and 'Happy Birthday'.  Princess Coco read a poem she had written for the occasion.

 All passed through the buffet, accepting those generous portions needed to satisfy appetites sharpened in the fresh air.  As the dinner was winding down, hoof beats were heard and shortly Lady Scamper, without ess or tunnel, arrived.  Resplendent in topaz livery setting off her chestnut coat, she whickered her respect to the Princess.

 With a light touch, the Princess settled onto Lady Scamper's back.  Lady Scamper then provided the Princess with a tour of the Realm's boundary, allowing the Princess to ride the perimeter and thank all those who assist in maintaining the safety of the Realm.  In return, Princess Treasure provided Lady Scamper with a head bonk, marsh hay and wetland wheat for a repast.

 After the formalities were finished, the company entertained themselves royalty with pet human impersonations, counting damselflies, and catpiling.  Sirs Simba and Spitfire, accompanied by Mario, ensured the bluff was kept clear of squirrels.  Goldfinches provided bright spots in the trees below in the fading light.

 After a final serving of honeysuckle punch, fond adieus were exchanged and trips home begun.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pop-up Party for a Princess!

The Princess reached the grand old age of 15 sometime in May! 

The Prime Minister and Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo wondered what they could do to mark the occasion.  They consulted with friends and consulted with the media to see what may be especially pleasing to the Princess.  A surprise Pop-up Party seemed to be the answer.

Remembering the success of the frogs-legs picnic last summer, it was decided that Frog Alley would be a good place to meet; not only are there plenty of frogs, but the alley ends on a hill overlooking a creek and is especially scenic.  Being on a hill, there might be a breeze to keep the insects away.

With that solved, next came the question of the menu.  A frog-leg grill would be lovely if enough were caught, but they did not want to depend on the luck of the catch.  Over Memorial Day weekend, the Princess caught two more bunnies, so it was thought that perhaps she had a taste for rabbit.    A tasty rabbit stew would fill in any gaps left by a shortfall of frogs.

Since this was a surprise, and arranged on short notice, all guests were advised to travel via ess or tunnels if at all possible.  At the same time, a frog-netting contest was announced. 

A special surprise for the Princess would be the attendance of Lady Scamper, representative of the equines with whom Ringo had treatied several years back.  Scamper had consented to providing the Princess with a ride during the festivities.

Countess Katie Isabella and Lady Audrey agreed to meet Sirs Simba and Spitfire in advance to prepare the site.  They found little to be done beyond arranging pillows and setting up the buffet area.  They took time to relax and net a few frogs in preparation for the lunch.

The PM is starting to receive messages that the other guests are in transit!  More to report soon!