Saturday, February 15, 2014


Between fathers  and jobs passing, as well as adjusting to new jobs, all of the Royal Court have joined me in hibernating this cold, cold and snowy winter!

The PM enjoys her new fundraising endeavor.  It is with a smaller group in her unit.  In addition, they have many other programs, including a senior program and some youth program and that livens things up!

It has been so cold I don't even like to go to the closed screen door for whiffies when the PM comes and goes!  I hate to see her go out in this kind of weather.  Eventually, the PM will have the option of working from home up to 10 hours per week and I think she may like this; she states she prefers to go into the office as I can try to interfere when she is not worshipping me.... Hmmmph!

Anyway, we miss you all and hope to be back on a regular basis really soon.  We have discovered information about the Mitten Clan that we hope all allies will find interesting!