Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Advanced Skritching

How many of you have humans that satisfactorialy skritch your chin or cheeks or wherever?

My PM has always been decent, but she has been learning some advanced maneuvers. Such as the under-the-chin scissors scritch. And the double-handed mirror image cheek scritch.

What is your human's best skritch?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Admirable Admiral

is sick and at the V-E-T's. We are so sorry to hear that our beloved and faithful ally, Hestorb, is under the weather and has needed inpatient treatment. It is no fun and definitely undignified. We have paws, fingers and wings crossed for her here in the Realm and look forward to seeing her return to her sassy ways.

Friday, September 16, 2011

This and that

So, things are getting back to normal around here; the PM goes out and fundraises during the day and sometimes does something after work before coming home. She's been doing a lot of artwork, but laid off of it the last two nights as she was feeling tired from leg pain. She says the pain is going away, though. But, we did get in some good cuddles while she hurt and I know that helped her feel better.

Now, I cannot say that artmaking does not disturb my routine, but it makes the PM so happy that I make exceptions for this activity. What is more disturbing are her photography expeditions; this last time on Saturday, she ran out of gas and had to be 'rescued' by a sheriff's deputy, who helped her get more. The PM states she has learned her lesson about keeping the royal carriage filled with fuel because she has learned her lesson. I hope this is true.

The PM is also doing some redecoration and hopes to be able to get the castle better cleaned and organized. She saw a picture of a bunch of flowers on an old magazine cover; pink flowers with limes. She liked the colors so much and thought they would be a nice, cheerful way to brighten up mornings. She went shopping at Targe't last night and found a lime green shower curtain for $4, which she said is a great deal. She also bought some 'nifty' shower curtain hooks that are easy to get on the rod and will nicely separate the curtain liner from the curtain, helping the curtain stay nicer. She has the rest of her ideas firmly in mind.

She also got new bed pillows with pillow protectors and a comforter to make into a sofa cover/blankie for the living room. The comforter is rose. She had seen a color palette in an art magazine of rose, cream and brown. She liked the combo and has cream walls with varigated brown/beige carpet, so realized it would not take much to acheive this effect. Maybe a new area rug and then some accessories she makes herself and she says she will be a happy little camper.

I've learned that what makes her happy helps me feel happier, so I just kind of overlook all this and enjoy the result.

And, Spitty, yes, I do like my crackers plain; I eat melty cheese off pizza instead.

Admiral, I have a hard time commenting on your blog. The PM says she can only do that when the 'name/url' option is available and it is not on your post. However, I am glad it sounds like life is getting back to normal for you and your Mommeh. I am happy for you.

Mario, where have you been?

Monday, September 12, 2011

And to brighten our days...

a beautiful (if I say so myself) picture of me, eating a cracker.

Ooops! Or, Links Pt. 2

Thank you, Sir Spitfire, in reporting the PM's carelessness!

The link to her art blog is www.neorasgraciouslight.blogspot.com.

Please let me know if that works. I may have to take matter in paw.

Topsy turvy, inside out and upside down

That's how life has been feeling the past month or so; first the PM is tired and sick. Then she abandons me to have surgery. Then she is home every day. Almost too much. And exhausted me with nursing duties.

Well, now she feels better. Do I get any extra adoration? Does she pick up the reins of the kingdom? Noooooooooooooo....she goes on a photography expedition, gets lost and runs out of gas! How do you like that? Then after getting home late that day, she does laundry and grocery shopping the next day.

And tonight she is going to a meeting about forming a Jewish artist's group......hmmmmmmm........

Wednesday, September 7, 2011




Return to Fundraising

The PM went back to fundraising yesterday and while she was disappointed in some things that didn't get taken care of while she was gone, for the most part her clients and co-workers survived without her. She does not know if she should be relieved or worried that maybe the office can do without her. She is also lucky that, overall, she will only lose 2.5 hours of pay and still has several hour's vacation time. She will get more vacation time in November and sick time in January.

We both think it is good to be back in a routine, even if it's not the most exciting one on the face of the earth.

I want to thank everyone who thought of us during this time and wished us well. Admiral and Spitty, the cruise sounds wonderful.

And I love my bling on 'The Ladies of Autumn'!

If you like that kind of thing, you might enjoy seeing the PM's artwork on her new blog 'A Glorious Light' and at 'The Prayer Flag Project'.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

slowly back to normal

The PM saw her surgeon yesterday and can return to work on Tuesday with no restrictions. She is happy about that because this episode may have cost her most, if not all, of her paid time off and she doesn't want to stress the treasury if she can.

Spitty, that was a very good idea and I did try to do that. Additionally, as the PM feels better, I have been able to resume more of my normal perambulations. I've been outside to check out the courtyard, for example, and have been catching up on my napping.

The PM has been doing some more artwork and, as soon as she replaces the battery in her camera, will start posting some of it to her new blog, 'Glorious Light', which will focus on that.