Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Sad and Sudden Farewell

My lovely princess flew over the Rainbow Bridge very suddenly yesterday; my apartment caught fire while I was at work and she (thank G-d for small favors) died of smoke inhalation.

We would have been together for 16 years later this month. 

I will not lose her; I have always rented and when her predecessor, Scruffy, aka Quartermaster Scruffy, died, I had him cremated and still have his remains.  I had always planned to do the same with her and she is being cremated right now.  I plan to have them in the coffin with me when I make my departure.

The emergency personnel were wonderful; when they found her little body, they put it in a suitcase.  They explained how she died.  They offered to let me see her, which I chose not to do.

A wonderful friend and co-worker took her to a place and arranged the cremation.

I will leave the blog up, but don't know if or when I will feel like checking in.  Please know that I loved this blog and the community we were a small part of.

If the Admiral was a Lion of the Veldt, the Princess was a Lion of Judah, as any proper Jewish kitty would aspire to be.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A (Symbolic) Treasure Hunt (get it?)

So, as we know, in the virtual world, time and place have little, if any, meaning.  Cats and other creatures travel through the quantum world with ease.

Due to that, we consider it imperative to throw the best possible adventure of all from the Princess' Sweet Sixteenth:  A Treasure Hunt.  Pun intended.

Since we won't be physically gathering, searching for clues and small items to show off, everyone will be given riddles; the first one with the answer wins that clue.  The kitten with the most clues in the end wins!

Princess Coco is serving as Missy of Ceremonies--so we consider the field wide open!

First clue:  This very large object of art, located in the land wherein the Sphynx Dynasty began, combines the best of felines and humans......

Humbly submitted,

Prime Minister Neora Warmlapp
Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo

Friday, May 9, 2014


Entry from the Princess' diary:

The PM is experiencing several changes today; the two interns in her office had their last day, the staff had a small luncheon for them.

Additionally, her rabbi leads services tonight for the last time before he retires.

Both of these changes are the kind that make her sad and happy at the same time.  Sad that this phase of her relationship with these people are over; happy that she had time with them.  She also knows this does not have to be the end of her relationship with any of them.  She will just have a different relationship with them.

She does wish them well on the next phases of their lives.

I will be 16 at the end of the month and, if I didn't know better, I would think something was being plotted.  There is alot of gossip zipping through the Realm and I am not included in it.  That leads me to believe the gossip is about me and the upcoming birthday.

We will see.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sweet Sixteen!

That is right!  The Princess turns 16 at the end of this month!  Plans must begin ASAP to celebrate this auspicious day!

Do our friends and allies have any suggestions?  We've been away for a while due to browser we have some catching up to do......please let us hear from you!

BTW, the Princess now has a fairy godmother:  Sarah the Serene.  More on her later.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Blogger woes!

So, the PM has tried to post on many occasions since the last time.  However, Blogger is not cooperating.  Sometimes it won't let her post at all; other times, she gets frustrated when she tries to put up pictures and it doesn't work.  In either case, we have missed talking with everyone.  Maybe we will have to have a spring festival of some kind to make up for our absence.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Between fathers  and jobs passing, as well as adjusting to new jobs, all of the Royal Court have joined me in hibernating this cold, cold and snowy winter!

The PM enjoys her new fundraising endeavor.  It is with a smaller group in her unit.  In addition, they have many other programs, including a senior program and some youth program and that livens things up!

It has been so cold I don't even like to go to the closed screen door for whiffies when the PM comes and goes!  I hate to see her go out in this kind of weather.  Eventually, the PM will have the option of working from home up to 10 hours per week and I think she may like this; she states she prefers to go into the office as I can try to interfere when she is not worshipping me.... Hmmmph!

Anyway, we miss you all and hope to be back on a regular basis really soon.  We have discovered information about the Mitten Clan that we hope all allies will find interesting!