Sunday, March 6, 2011

Archive 5; Treaty

Bound by his power as Royal Scout and Ambassador,
Sir Ringo
relays the best wishes of
HRH Princess Treasure of Capital Drive
Sir George (ret.) and Lady Scamper of Utah.
It is hoped that this summit
will re-awaken the ancient and mutual respect
the equine and feline races
have held for each other since time immemorial.
In honor of this summit, July 24th is proclaimed as
Equine Recognition Day.
In celebration,
Marsh Hay and Clover
will be awarded to all equine of the region
and the feline denizens
will be sent mouse-pops.
By royal order of
HRH Princess Treasure of Capital Drive;
Her pawprint affixed this date.

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  1. OH! A day of glory and remembrance and celebration!