Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recap of last night events on CBN (Cat's Broadcast Network)

"At the end of our coverage of the Royal Adoption yesterday, Simba and Sir Spitfire had tied for first place in the tournament.  Sir Spitfire had admirably traversed a forest of legs and was in the lead when Simba proved his mettle by stealing a kiss from Queen Miss Catt, watching the ceremony from the Royal Balcony.

Our corresponding, Fannie Floof reported this morning that the Queen was much taken with Simba.

Last night a state banquet was held at the castle.  Princess Treasure was cunningly adorned in a harness of malachite and aqua leather while Princess Coco chose tanzenite as her primary accessory for the evening.  Queen Miss Catt was bedecked in garnet while the Admiral was spiffy in a white middy blouse.  Among the men, Sir Admiral Scout Ringo cut an imposing figure in his sash and medals while General Boopsie Bear impressed in his dress uniform.  Diplomat Agent Blackjack, true to his work as a spy, sported ebony.  Sir Spitfire was natty in his red cape and feathered cap.  Simba dressed simply in hunter green.  Mario, braving a doorway to observe the festivities, sported a bright red bowtie.

The repast consisted of an oatgrass salad, a light lemon cold soup, hummingbird tongues lightly braised with catmint and doves breast en cassoulet.  Catnip parfaits completed the menu.

Later that evening, the tour of the archives and treasury impressed all with the recorded history of the Sphinx Dynasty and the effective work of the fundraisers lead by PM Neora Warmlapp.  The most valuable treasure, an original history recounting the Great Dog Revolt of ancient times, left many speechless.

To round out the evening's activities, a midnight serenade sent many of the ladies swooning to bed for sweet dreams.  Performances of 'This Purr's for You', 'Nip for Two' and 'You See this Tom' were among the highlights.

Join us tomorrow for coverage of today's event.


  1. he he - I really felt out of place tho, cuz every one was dressed in their royal jewels and finery. I couldn't believe me eyes as their were to many glittering jewels. Oh, and those huummingbird tongues - looked extra delicious. What a royal affair this is.

  2. Pricess, Your staff really outdid themselves last nigth with the entertainments and the to-die-for menu. The catnip parfaits were something I will remember for the rest of my next eight lives!

    I have never spent a more luxurious weekend. My Human has MUCH to learn, MUCH!

  3. Oh, I must say it was the evening that dreams are made from. The repast, the jewels, the fine raiment. Princess Treasure and Princess Coco were dazzling in their finest adornments. PM Warmlapp is to be commended for her organization skills in bringing this joyous event together.

    I was standing near Queen Miss Catt when she remarked how good it was to come together with those trusted Agents and friends, some of whom she had not seen for a year. Her attention was indeed caught by guest Simba with his glistening coat of ginger furs and simple green Court outfit. He was by no means eclipsed by the others and the Queen's eyes were upon him more often than not.

    This truly was THE Affaire of the Feline Empires. I was glad to be a small part of it transporting the Queen and other purrsonages.