Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Black Angel

Angel is a very special little black cat.  Angel lives in a 'group home' (where unrelated humans pretend to be a pride) with her human people.

Angel came to the group home with her mommie from their house where they lived together for many years.  They have always been good company for each other and have taken care of each other.

Angel was also a good citizen of the Realm because she would watch her yard and surroundings very well and nip problems in the bud.  She worked very hard as a scout and guard.  She and her mommie retired before moving into the pride.

Angel's mommie is very short and small.  To help her walk, she uses a rollator walker, which has big wheels, a seat and a bar across the back.  When she walks with it, Angel sits on the seat, props her front paws on the bar and makes sure the path is clear for her mommie.

We award Angel the Golden Heart award for her years of faithful service.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A week later

How good it is to have accomplished the adoption!  Princess Coco the Adorable is all I could have wished for in an heir.  She has a special empathy for the rescued and feral, having been rescued herself.  She is well-spoken and courteous.  She presents well with innate modesty and dignity; such admirable traits.

And I think that I could not have done better as matchmaker if I tried.  It appears Spitty and Hestorb are an item and both Simba and Miss Catt found the kiss memorable.

And precious Mario with his wide eyes and cute bowtie!

All in all, a memorable event and one which I am happy to have been a part of.

(from the Princess' diary)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Dream Accomplished

Tonight's special edition covering The Royal Adoption is sponsored by Claws R Us, your source for expert assistance when your human just won't mind.  Success guaranteed.


It has been a weekend of historic events in the Realm of Capitol Drive: two rescued princesses of the Sphinx Dynasty form an alliance, The Queen Bea (Emeritus) sends a message, a romance forms between an Admiral and a Knight and a common citizen of the empire wins the grand chipmunk hunt!

But now for the final update on the adoption ceremony and ball:

Both the Queen Bea and the Princess Treasure underwent The Traumatic Event at a tender age.  Both knew the urgency of alliance or adoption to continue the benevolent rule they conducted over the Monarchy of St. Allis and the Realm of Capitol Drive.  Years of watching the royals and speculation regarding the fate of their lands fueled gossip which, on occasion, has caused great distress to the royal households.

Then, tragically, the Queen was forced to retreat to her country dower house in Richlands when she became too disabled to rule.  The Princess, with the generosity and social conscience she is known for, agreed to assume Regency for St. Allis.

There were possibilities; the son of a lady in waiting, a kitten adopted by neighboring humans, but all for naught.

Suddenly, Most Adorable Little Lady Coco appeared on the scene; another rescued member of the Sphinx Dynasty, she assumed governorship of a territory under the rule of Queen Miss Catt.  With grooming, the Princess realized that Lady Coco could become a worthy successor to the throne.

After time to grow into her responsibilities, the adoption was planned for 3-20-11, the spring equinox and a most propitious time for an adoption.

The ceremony was held on the promenade so as to allow a many of the citizenry as possible to participate in this historic event.  First to enter were agents, knight and diplomats in their official uniforms. After a fanfare by The Serenaders, an a cappello chorus, the Queen Miss Catt was ushered in by Simba, whose audacity in stealing a kiss from a queen has captivated the nation.  Next came Prime Minister Neora Warmlapp.

The arrival of the Princesses was delayed several minutes by the arrival of a missive from the Queen Bea welcoming Coco to the throne.  They were honored to be ushered by their jointly chosen escort, Mario.  Mario, selected for his modesty and skill displayed during the grand chipmunk hunt, appeared daunted by the occasion, but performed his duties capably.

As the sunset began, PM administered the oath of office to Princess Coco, who promised to honor the traditions of the Sphinx dynasty, to continue protecting all felinedom from nefarious dogs and to rule over realm and monarchy in a beneficent yet firm manner.  Cheers erupted as she was crowned with the diamond and ruby crown by Princess Treasure, who unbent so much as to nose tap and bonk Little Coco on the promenade.

Ribbons and feathers erupted over the courtyard.  Catnip sachets were the most popular of the keepsake available in the courtyard.

The Royal Ball immediately followed.  During the Grand Parade, the Admiral was escorted by Sir Spitfire (is a wedding too far behind?), the Queen Miss Catt was escorted by Simba, the Prime Minister was escorted by Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo.  Princess Treasure was escorted by Sir Ambassador Agent Blackjack and the Princess Coco, new heir to the throne, was escorted by Mario.  This was a historic precedent as a newly adopted Princess would typically be escorted by a Royal Uncle.

The decorations of catmint, oatgrass and catnip mice were enticing.  The music, provided by the Tin Alley Cats, provided the perfect backdrop for dancing.  A special, encore performance of 'Nip for Two' was provided by The Serenaders. 

A midnight dinner of creamed crab over rice followed by giblet tarts ended the series of events planned for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.  The Royals and all guests will spend Monday and Tuesday recuperating from the festivities and sight-seeing before returning home.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Such Elegance, Such Pizazz

--reported by Fannie Floof

So yesterday saw the work of years of planning come to fruition.

After undergoing The Traumatic Event 12 years go, HRH Princess Treasure has known that she would need to adopt an heir to continue the successful rule of the Sphinx Dynasty over the Realm of Capitol Drive.  She and the Queen Bea Emeritus also needed someone to govern the Monarchy of St. Allis.

Yesterday her dream was fulfilled.  The day began about 10 with the grand chipmunk hunt.  Many common citizens as well as all the personages and royalty participated in this, making it a riotous event.  The first to produce a trophy was Mario, who steadfastly pursued his goal while others contested vigorously against each other.  Was The Spitster just a wee bit jealous of Simba after Simba's performance at the tournament?  Wink Wink...

Mario was awarded all the lizard turnovers and hummingbirds tongues he could eat.  He was also awarded a ribbon to fasten to his bow tie. 

Security does not allow us to report on the finalizing of the adoption papers.

Lunch on the promenade was a quiet affair with a light picnic of snails and crawfish. 

Watch for our special edition regarding the ceremony and ball later this evening.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recap of last night events on CBN (Cat's Broadcast Network)

"At the end of our coverage of the Royal Adoption yesterday, Simba and Sir Spitfire had tied for first place in the tournament.  Sir Spitfire had admirably traversed a forest of legs and was in the lead when Simba proved his mettle by stealing a kiss from Queen Miss Catt, watching the ceremony from the Royal Balcony.

Our corresponding, Fannie Floof reported this morning that the Queen was much taken with Simba.

Last night a state banquet was held at the castle.  Princess Treasure was cunningly adorned in a harness of malachite and aqua leather while Princess Coco chose tanzenite as her primary accessory for the evening.  Queen Miss Catt was bedecked in garnet while the Admiral was spiffy in a white middy blouse.  Among the men, Sir Admiral Scout Ringo cut an imposing figure in his sash and medals while General Boopsie Bear impressed in his dress uniform.  Diplomat Agent Blackjack, true to his work as a spy, sported ebony.  Sir Spitfire was natty in his red cape and feathered cap.  Simba dressed simply in hunter green.  Mario, braving a doorway to observe the festivities, sported a bright red bowtie.

The repast consisted of an oatgrass salad, a light lemon cold soup, hummingbird tongues lightly braised with catmint and doves breast en cassoulet.  Catnip parfaits completed the menu.

Later that evening, the tour of the archives and treasury impressed all with the recorded history of the Sphinx Dynasty and the effective work of the fundraisers lead by PM Neora Warmlapp.  The most valuable treasure, an original history recounting the Great Dog Revolt of ancient times, left many speechless.

To round out the evening's activities, a midnight serenade sent many of the ladies swooning to bed for sweet dreams.  Performances of 'This Purr's for You', 'Nip for Two' and 'You See this Tom' were among the highlights.

Join us tomorrow for coverage of today's event.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Royal Entertainments

Today marks the last full day of festivities before the adoption of the Most Adorable Princess Coco to succeed Princess Treasure as Ruler of the Realm of Capitol Drive.

This morning, the Princesses breakfasted in Treasure's private suite to discuss matters of state. Lemon yogurt, lizard turnovers and catmint tea were served.  The occasion was marked by the transmission of the Secret History of the Sphinx Dynasty from Treasure to Coco.

At the same time, all other personages woke to a hearty breakfast buffet of sweet peas garnished with mouse toes, swan liver pate on muffins and lemon yogurt.  Catmint tea was also served.  Following this, a casual tour of the grounds was available to those who wished.  Notably conspicuous by their absence were the Admiral and Sir Spitfire.  Conversely, Simba made a good impression with his tact and exquisite manners, seeking introductions with all and chatting politely regarding the mouse and wren populations and upcoming adoption ceremony.  Most impressed was Smog, keeper of the adjacent facilitites.

At noon, the diplomatic and military forces of the realm paraded through the courtyard, passing by the Castle's window for review by the Queen and Princesses.  These heroic minions were quite dashing in royal uniforms of red neckerchiefs and daggers.

During a lull,  mousepops were distributed at the front gates to all those invited to the tournament; a tournament that will be recalled by 17 generations and recorded in the Royal Archives.  General Boopsie Bear demonstrated growls of command while charging with his mace.  Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo performed the gymnastics which originally brought him to the attention of the Prime Minister.  Quartermaster Scruffy was able to pack a soldier's back pack in three minutes; the previous recorded time being 4 and 1/2 minutes.  Sir Spitfire traversed a forest of legs.  Diplomat Agent Blackjack demonstrated the illusion of invisibility.  It was Simba, however, who stole the show by gracefully jumping to the edge of the Royal Balcony, running gracefully along the balustrade and stealing a kiss from the Queen Miss Catt.  His gracefulness, courtliness and sheer audacity were considered quite noble.

Fannie Floof reports The Arrival

Safely arriving at The Landing last night at sunset were the Queen Miss Catt, Admiral Hestorb and Sir Spitfire.  The galleon is a handsome sight of teak wood and multicolored silk pennants flying from all masts and lines.  The crew, commanded by the Admiral, quickly and nimbly tied the boat off and stood back saluting while all Personages disembarked. 

First to disembark was Queen Miss Catt.  The Queen's travelling outfit of soft vole fur was tastefully accessorized with shrew tails at cuffs and collars.  A softly glowing pink pearl choker completed the outfit while she reclined on a citrine pillow.

The Admiral and Sir Spitfire were the next to disembark.  The Admiral was modishly attired in a blue and white sailor's outfit with red ribbons marking her high rank.  With an "Ahoy, Maties", she began to confer with General Boopsie Bear and Sir Ambassador Ringo on issues of security while awaiting her introduction to the Princess Treasure. 

Sir Spitfire, despite his captivation with his red cape, was sensibly attired for travel in high boots and a collar which instantly converts to a nefarious dog trap if needed.  Sir Spitfire reported to Quartermaster Scruffy for instructions on his role in the upcoming ceremonies.

It was clear that a strong alliance has been formed between The Spitster and La Hestorb due to the lingering glances and purrs shared as they went their separate ways.

Princess Treasure arrived accompanied by the Prime Minister.  Elegantly attired in the peridot tiara and bracelet, her eyes glowed with the realization that her dearest plans were nigh completion.  She and the Queen greeted each other with nose taps; the Queen was placed on her pillow next to the Princess in the red wagon which served as their conveyance from the landing to the castle.

Shortly thereafter, Heron Express delivered Most Adorable Princess Coco amid much fanfare from the citizenry who had secured passes to witness this historic event.  Slightly abashed at the crowd's reaction to her arrival, she ducked her head while being carried from Heron Express to the wagon on her periwinkle pillow.  Her youthful beauty was fully enhanced by the opalescent moonstone collar and chipmunk stole she was wearing against late night chills, Capitol Drive being far North of the province she rules as princess and the region she governs for Queen Miss Catt.

After more nosetaps, the Prime Minister pulled all royal personages to The Castle while all dignitaries followed in parade.  The citizenry continued to shout approval of the Princess Coco along the route while also juggling songbirds for additional festivities.

Upon arrival at The Castle, the butler shows everyone to their assigned quarters where all appropriate grooming tools and assistance are provided.  After that and a quick nap,  all travelers are greeted in the Princess Treasure's small dining room where a light refreshment of minnows on toast in a mouse sausage gravy was served.  Also attending were Prime Minister Neora Warmlapp, Sir Ambassador Scout Ringo and General Boopsie Bear.

Friday, March 18, 2011

On Their Way

We have just received word from UPS runners that all parties are en route with no disaster or other delays to their arrival.

Princess Coco has been resting quite comfortably in the ameneties of Heron Express due to their extreme smooth sailing.

The Admiral has been skillfully commanding the crew of her galleon in order to provide the most efficient services and best comfort to her guests.  Sir Spitfire has been seen practicing with his cape and sword on deck while Queen Miss Cat has the final fittings for her ball gown.

At Last!

The Admiral is on her way with Sir Spitfire and Queen Miss Catt for the adoption ceremony.  Coco is being transported by Heron Express.

All my minions scurry around with the last minute details; the PM had a hard time breaking away for her fund-raising activities.

I am preening myself with the peridot tiara and bracelet while waiting the final dusting off of the peridot pillow on which I will be conveyed to The Landing to meet all honored guests.

All quarters are ready and the late night snack of minnows on toast will, I hope, be a satisfying repast for everyone.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We are most distressed

to hear of the Admiral's malaise.  We wish her and her Mommy the best, sending many bonks and purrs, and hope the Admiral is healed very soon. 

Not only for her sake, but for the sake of little Coco's adoption ceremony, which may have to be postponed.  After all, the ceremonies would not be the same without the Admiral, just ask Sir Spitfire!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adoption schedule of events

--Friday, 18th, PM

  Princess Treasure greets Coco, Queen Miss Catt, Admiral Hestorb and all other personages and functionaries at the border of the realm.  She accompanies the royal personages to their quarters in the castle.  A chance to refresh themselves will be provided before a late night snack is provided.

--Saturday, 19th, AM

 Princess Treasure and Coco breakfast privately in order to learn more about each other and to discuss shared values and philosophies of ruling.  All other guests to attend breakfast buffet and tour grounds of the realm.

--Saturday, 19th, Noon

 After a parade through the courtyard, the royal security forces will be presented for review.  Mousepops to be served to the populace.  Feats of cunning and strength tournament to follow.

--Saturday, 19th, PM

  Dinner banquet followed by tour of the archives and treasury.

--Saturday, 19th, late night

 Seranading by loyal subjects.

--Sunday, 20th, AM

 Grand chipmunk hunt.

--Sunday, 20th, Noon

  Final review of all legal papers pertinent to the adoption.  Lunch on promenade whilst watching TV followed by grooming and final preparations for the adoption ceremony.

--Sunday, 20th, PM

 Adoption ceremony followed by formal ball.

--Monday through Tuesday, 21 & 22nd.

 Rest and relaxation.

Wednesday, 23

--All foreign dignitaries depart.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Please note!

Any of the posts labeled 'Archive' are from the past when my blog entries were on the PM's WLS "Live in the Layers' blog.  I am transporting them here so I have them all here in one convenient location.  Princess Treasure.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Archive 7: Field Reports

To:  HRH Princess Treasure
       HRH Queen Miss Catt
       PMs Neora and Carole
The Boopsie Patrol:
Our CIF (Catty Intelligence Forces) inform us that General Boopsie Bear and Agent Blackjack will arrive at the gates to Queen Miss Catt’s castle at 10:02 pm in the dark of the moon.  While General Bear was kept busy keeping guerrilla cats, horses and hawks in line, Agent Blackjack scouted along the route. 
Agent Blackjack was able to determine that the ALF network is limited to one hectare surrounding the castle.  He recommends that the nearest male cat mark the perimeter of the castle as rankly as possible to dissuade an increase in forces by ALF.  If a sympathetic skunk can be drafted, it is recommended that he mark the area as well; such marking will deter any humans from forming an alliance with ALF. This is only recommended due to the strong resistance of the line defense, PM Carole having installed new, odor-protecting windows to the castle.  Queen Miss Catt’s recovery should not be hindered in the least.
Diplomat Scout Ringo:
Scout Ringo was able to embark at 0631 pm this morning; HRH received him privately in her chambers for a final consultation prior to departure.  His report tonight indicates that he has been able to cross the county line in the last hour. 

Archie 6: by IM (Instant Moussenger)

This just released:
In the Realm of Capitol Drive, presided over by HRH the Princess Treasure, the Royal Scout and Diplomat Ringo has begun the expedition to the hinterlands of Utah, governed by Sir George (ret.) and Lady Scamper. 
Scout Ringo will represent the Realm at the July 24th summit to negotiate the treaty drafted by PM Neora and approved with seal by HRH.  It is expected that Scout Ringo will rest and recoinnoiter in the land of Happenstance.
The throne, in the speech sending Ringo off, thanked Queen Miss Catt for the expert and sage adviced offered by the worthy and skilled Agent Blackjack. 
Ambassador Scout Ringo is expected to arrive in Utah in 10 days, which day has been designated a Royal Holiday; horses shall receive special deliveries of marsh hay and clover while feline denizens should report to the census stations to receive complimentary mouse-pops.

Archive 5; Treaty

Bound by his power as Royal Scout and Ambassador,
Sir Ringo
relays the best wishes of
HRH Princess Treasure of Capital Drive
Sir George (ret.) and Lady Scamper of Utah.
It is hoped that this summit
will re-awaken the ancient and mutual respect
the equine and feline races
have held for each other since time immemorial.
In honor of this summit, July 24th is proclaimed as
Equine Recognition Day.
In celebration,
Marsh Hay and Clover
will be awarded to all equine of the region
and the feline denizens
will be sent mouse-pops.
By royal order of
HRH Princess Treasure of Capital Drive;
Her pawprint affixed this date.

Archive 4: Prep almost done

Dear Members of the Security Council,
Covered by the veil of secrecy, I hereby report that the treaty for Sir George (ret.) and Lady Scamper is drafted and awaiting HRH’s review and signature.
The treaty refers to the original relationship of feline and equine persons, lost in time, when equine persons would transport felines in their rigs.  Many a trip has been made by a feline when they could  stow away in a saddlebag or in a wagon.  In return, felines have had the freedom to scout water and the best grasses for the equines.  Additionally, horses have served to distract those members of the Acorn Union and it’s evil branch, the Acorn Liberation Force.
Queen Miss Kat, without equine support, is concerned that  the ALF may be successful in a sorty in her realm.  for this reason, General Boopsie Bear has been ordered to lead a unit of guerilla soldiers to combat ALF by all means necessary. This action is necessary so that Queen Miss Kat may finish healing from her medical issues.  The stress of leading such an attack may lead to her relapse, to be avoided at any cost.  Agent Blackjack and General Bear will carry letters of safe passage, along with military orders, allowing them to cross any lands which may lay between the kingdoms. 
G-dspeed to them all and let us pray for a safe and successful conclusion to this risky mission.
PM Neora

Archive 3; Ringo reports on rigorous training.

So neora thinks I need training before going to Utah.  She forgets, I’ve scouted downtown and the Audubon Sanctuary.  Plus, we met ‘cuz i imigrated from the forest to the city to pursue my career as an acrobat.
She decided we needed a training trip.  OK, i sez, a bit o’ prep couldn’t hurt.  So she took me to that moraine place she always goes to.
She decided i needed to know how to cross water:

We talked about using bridges and stowing away on boats.  She also said that sometimes a waterbird might give me a ride.  She says this river and lake are nothing compared to some rivers and seas i will see on the trip.  Hmmmm….
We also talked about the rout i has to take.  she says it’s so long, it’s like going to the moon.  Now really, do i looks like i was borned yesterday?  Certainly wise ole great-unc kipper would have told me about this if it were true!  She said one good way is to follow a traintrack, as long as i don’t gets runned over.  She showed me a traintrack.
She sez that these big things called trains run on them like a car drives on the road.  If i sees one moving, i havta jump off the track.  But, if it’s stopped, that’s another place i can stow away.
PM neora forgettin her position.  She’s making this trip into a big deal.  Plan was to spy on the hosses to see if we should treaty with dem.  Now she’s helping princess to write a treaty.  She says I have to take my uniform and medals.  She’s so wound up she wants agent blakjak from Queen misscats realm to go wih me and she wants me to take the calvary.  Doh!
But I got bck at her.  She wuz opening the nuts, so i bumped her hand.  The nutz went everywhere!  Then I decided to take a nap.

Archive 2: Report to the Security Council by the Prime Minister

Fellow Council Members:
You may remember Princess Treasure’s recent authorization granted to her worthy diplomat and Scout, Ringo.  She wishes him to go to Utah and treaty with Sir George and Lady Scamper.
I have been working with HRH and Ringo to prepare for the trip.  The treaty must be written up for him to take.  We need to locate the royal ambassadorial uniform and find luggage for Ringo.  The journey must be plotted and he must learn  the route.
Most of all, he needs to learn survival skills.  We were on a training expedition and he was unaware of the danger awaiting him: rivers to ford, transportation to catch, predators to deter. 
As we know,  impetuousness and the willingness to form relations with other sovereigns are among HRH Princess Treasure’s charm.  But they may cost us one of her more loyal and productive citizens.
As always, we took the Veil of Secrecy upon arrival and discussion of meeting b usiness may be met with the most severe of penalties.
Prime Minister Neora

Archive 1;: Annual Report from HRH Princess Treasure of Capitol Drive

Let it be known to all concerned that the Princess Treasure of Capitol Drive rules Her subjects with a indulgent, firm but velvety paw. 
Some under Her dominion have become lax in their duty;  the yardcats have not brought their kittens for Prime Minister Neora’s inspection.  Such inspection is necessary to assure the security of My throne and to collect the appropriate tributes.  Mice collections are down this spring and non-compliance is considered an act of treason for which exile is the punishment. 
Ringo, ambassador to the adjucant territories of downtown and the Audubon Sanctuary, has established worthy and secure outposts with citizens willing to  provide secure housing in the event of a disaster.  He continues to explore alternate transportation so that HRH will not need to use the despised automobile in the event of an evacuation.
Prime Minister Neora, hand-chosen for her loyalty and devotion, has continued to manage the Throne’s business affairs in an adequate fashion.  However, she has begun taking Hebrew lessons without the royal stamp of approval on the required paperwork.  Additionally, she states she has been reconnoitering with Ringo in order to secure relations with rival nations and outvposts.  My intelligence forces have confirmed these ventures are nothing of the sort, but rather, idle photography and dinner explorations.
Measures are being enacted to bring these miscreants into line.

Oh, the Embarrasment!

I am so embarrased!  After promising the most gracious and luxurious of events surrounding the adoption of the Most Adorable Princess Coco, the PM got sick and arrangments are greatly delayed.  It will be a rush finishing preperations for the ceremony on the spring equinox, but it must be done!

Luckily the committees have continued working and have solid proposals at hand for Our review:

-The Security Council notes that it has worked with with Buddy Bunny and his network to provide ground communications while UPS will handle air mails.  The Admiral Hestorb has agreed to transport the Queen Miss Catt and Princess Coco to the Realm of Capitol Drive.   Geographers have been consulted to help prepare the most propitious route for the trip.  Agent Ambassador Blackjack has taken charge of security for the Queen and Princess during the trip.

-The Refreshment Committee has prepared menus consisting of the classic feline dishes and chefs with assistants have been contracted. 

-The Protocol Committee has been devising a schedule of events which appears to provide for both the legalities and festivities.  The adoption ceremony itself will be sunset on March 20th, the spring solstice.

-The Royal Wardrober has begun outfitting HRH Princess Treasure and will be forwarded a final list of suggested items to Coco, Miss Catt and Hestorb.

Look closely for announcements to come!