Sunday, March 6, 2011

Archive 4: Prep almost done

Dear Members of the Security Council,
Covered by the veil of secrecy, I hereby report that the treaty for Sir George (ret.) and Lady Scamper is drafted and awaiting HRH’s review and signature.
The treaty refers to the original relationship of feline and equine persons, lost in time, when equine persons would transport felines in their rigs.  Many a trip has been made by a feline when they could  stow away in a saddlebag or in a wagon.  In return, felines have had the freedom to scout water and the best grasses for the equines.  Additionally, horses have served to distract those members of the Acorn Union and it’s evil branch, the Acorn Liberation Force.
Queen Miss Kat, without equine support, is concerned that  the ALF may be successful in a sorty in her realm.  for this reason, General Boopsie Bear has been ordered to lead a unit of guerilla soldiers to combat ALF by all means necessary. This action is necessary so that Queen Miss Kat may finish healing from her medical issues.  The stress of leading such an attack may lead to her relapse, to be avoided at any cost.  Agent Blackjack and General Bear will carry letters of safe passage, along with military orders, allowing them to cross any lands which may lay between the kingdoms. 
G-dspeed to them all and let us pray for a safe and successful conclusion to this risky mission.
PM Neora

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