Sunday, March 6, 2011

Archive 7: Field Reports

To:  HRH Princess Treasure
       HRH Queen Miss Catt
       PMs Neora and Carole
The Boopsie Patrol:
Our CIF (Catty Intelligence Forces) inform us that General Boopsie Bear and Agent Blackjack will arrive at the gates to Queen Miss Catt’s castle at 10:02 pm in the dark of the moon.  While General Bear was kept busy keeping guerrilla cats, horses and hawks in line, Agent Blackjack scouted along the route. 
Agent Blackjack was able to determine that the ALF network is limited to one hectare surrounding the castle.  He recommends that the nearest male cat mark the perimeter of the castle as rankly as possible to dissuade an increase in forces by ALF.  If a sympathetic skunk can be drafted, it is recommended that he mark the area as well; such marking will deter any humans from forming an alliance with ALF. This is only recommended due to the strong resistance of the line defense, PM Carole having installed new, odor-protecting windows to the castle.  Queen Miss Catt’s recovery should not be hindered in the least.
Diplomat Scout Ringo:
Scout Ringo was able to embark at 0631 pm this morning; HRH received him privately in her chambers for a final consultation prior to departure.  His report tonight indicates that he has been able to cross the county line in the last hour. 

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