Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Sad and Sudden Farewell

My lovely princess flew over the Rainbow Bridge very suddenly yesterday; my apartment caught fire while I was at work and she (thank G-d for small favors) died of smoke inhalation.

We would have been together for 16 years later this month. 

I will not lose her; I have always rented and when her predecessor, Scruffy, aka Quartermaster Scruffy, died, I had him cremated and still have his remains.  I had always planned to do the same with her and she is being cremated right now.  I plan to have them in the coffin with me when I make my departure.

The emergency personnel were wonderful; when they found her little body, they put it in a suitcase.  They explained how she died.  They offered to let me see her, which I chose not to do.

A wonderful friend and co-worker took her to a place and arranged the cremation.

I will leave the blog up, but don't know if or when I will feel like checking in.  Please know that I loved this blog and the community we were a small part of.

If the Admiral was a Lion of the Veldt, the Princess was a Lion of Judah, as any proper Jewish kitty would aspire to be.