Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A week later

How good it is to have accomplished the adoption!  Princess Coco the Adorable is all I could have wished for in an heir.  She has a special empathy for the rescued and feral, having been rescued herself.  She is well-spoken and courteous.  She presents well with innate modesty and dignity; such admirable traits.

And I think that I could not have done better as matchmaker if I tried.  It appears Spitty and Hestorb are an item and both Simba and Miss Catt found the kiss memorable.

And precious Mario with his wide eyes and cute bowtie!

All in all, a memorable event and one which I am happy to have been a part of.

(from the Princess' diary)

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  1. I, myself, was feral once upon a time before I was captured, uh "rescued," I mean.

    I have warm memories of the exciting weekend!

    Yes, I *thought* the Admiral and I were an item, as you say, but I noticed she signed herself "Rupert's Lady" on the Katnip Lounge blog. Hmmmmmm