Sunday, March 6, 2011

Archive 1;: Annual Report from HRH Princess Treasure of Capitol Drive

Let it be known to all concerned that the Princess Treasure of Capitol Drive rules Her subjects with a indulgent, firm but velvety paw. 
Some under Her dominion have become lax in their duty;  the yardcats have not brought their kittens for Prime Minister Neora’s inspection.  Such inspection is necessary to assure the security of My throne and to collect the appropriate tributes.  Mice collections are down this spring and non-compliance is considered an act of treason for which exile is the punishment. 
Ringo, ambassador to the adjucant territories of downtown and the Audubon Sanctuary, has established worthy and secure outposts with citizens willing to  provide secure housing in the event of a disaster.  He continues to explore alternate transportation so that HRH will not need to use the despised automobile in the event of an evacuation.
Prime Minister Neora, hand-chosen for her loyalty and devotion, has continued to manage the Throne’s business affairs in an adequate fashion.  However, she has begun taking Hebrew lessons without the royal stamp of approval on the required paperwork.  Additionally, she states she has been reconnoitering with Ringo in order to secure relations with rival nations and outvposts.  My intelligence forces have confirmed these ventures are nothing of the sort, but rather, idle photography and dinner explorations.
Measures are being enacted to bring these miscreants into line.

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