Thursday, April 7, 2011

Archive 8: Ringo Reports

Dear Honored Members of the Security Counsel,
Thankfully, the situation in the kingdom is approaching normalcy again in many ways.  As the Prime Minister’s bat mitzvah ceremony has been accomplished, she has resumed her normally active role as administrator and chief attendant to HRH the Princess Treasure.
The Princess has decided to continue her morning rounds of the castleyard; she enjoys inspecting the royal carriages and greeting early risers such as the local squirrel living outside the front window and the bunny across the parking lot.  This, of course, means an added detail of agents in the morning, who have been most sufficiently trained by our consultant, the Agent Blackjack.
On Sunday morning, the Princess was served a large portion of the Herb of Contentment.  After imbibing, she relaxed and had several purr-cuddles on the PM’s lap.  The PM was again able to take the time to assist the Princess in working out any obstructed purrs.
It is to be hoped this felicitous period will continue.
Ambassador Scout Sir Ringo.

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