Monday, April 25, 2011

Social Hour

Fannie Floof reporting, still red-faced at last night's equipment malfunction.

After the Realm's Security Council meeting a social hour was held in the Princess Treasure's private drawing room.  Princess Treasure warmly greeted each visitor with a nose tap and a head bonk for Princess Coco and was later escorted to the throne by Simba and Mario. 

Princess Coco served tea while The Admiral and Sir Spitfire were honored with the duty of passing the catnip tarts and hummingbird's tongues respectively; it was noticed that not a few tongues disappeared beneath the Spitfire's cape.

Entertainment was provided by Sonny, lead singer for The Serenaders; it appears 'Nip for Two' may well become the new national anthem.

The PM kept Miss Catt distracted while Simba helped escort Princess Treasure to the throne. 

After refreshments were finished, the figure 8 minuet was enjoyed by all; the dance is based on the movements used by cats to get a human's attention by twisting around said human's legs.  Princess Coco displayed an especially fine tail tip during the dance. 

General Boopsie Bear and Quartermaster Scruffy demonstrated a sailor's jig with the Admiral.  The Prime Minister recited the Stray Cat's Prayer, bring tears to many an eye.


  1. I want to apologize for stealing some of the tongues. But I needed a special treat to share with My Admiral on our way home.....

  2. The minuet was so much fun to dance to. I can still taste those delicious catnip tarts too. Such a good time. (Pinching myself to see if I was dreaming.) OUCH! That hurt.

  3. I must say I had three to four paragraphs here and Blogger refused by stating " We are sorry, we cannot complete your request" and it was all gone. I will be back later when Iam not so irritated with blogger.

  4. Miss Catt was no doubt still looking at Simba..I believe there is a romance there. We must check with Simba as Queen Miss Catt is, after all, Queen.

    As for Spitty, ahem. He was just seeing to my comfort before we set sail. The tongues were magnificent. My compliments to your Chef, PrincessTreasure. Lightly braised and a delicate sauce..ah...none better this side of the world.

  5. I was so happy to be of service to the Princess, yet Queen Miss Catt certainly has my affections as well. It was a wonderful occasions: the food was exceptional, especially the hummingbird tongues, and the dancing fit for Royalty (oh, it WAS Royalty!).

  6. The Admiral's mom here..I believe you were right about the tension and with it not being high any more..I am collapsing. :-)

  7. Happy Cinco de Mayo, La Princesa!