Thursday, April 7, 2011

Archive 8.5: Been a while; excerpt from the Princess' diary

The Prime Minister continues to work on my new castle in order to make it as comfortable and functional as possible.  She believes she is just about done with the living room (where my throne is kept) and can soon move to the bedroom.  One advantage of the throne room is that I can closely monitor the flock of birds that frequent several bushes outside my window. Also, the PM continues to keep my throne close to her chair so I can summon her at a moment’s notice.
The bedroom remains a mess; she has clothes all over the place.  It was also like this at the last place, but since this castle is substantially smaller than the last, it is more important that she keep it orderly.  She states a friend at work has offered to help her for a couple of hours one Sunday when the PM is ready.  The friend apparently has more skills in organization that the PM.
Scout Ringo was assisted in finding the new castle by Knight Errant Sir Honder.  Ringo had passed through the Queen Bea’s monarchy between the Realm of Capitol Drive and Happylands.  He had already assured himself this could be an appropriate neighborhood in which to establish My court and Sir Honder assisted in the final selection of the castle.  Due to his assistance, the move went relatively smoothly and efficiently.
PM Neora finds all this increasing her fibromyalgia symptoms, resulting in a new pattern of sleeping almost all day on Saturdays. 
Neora has finally understood my request for a new diet and has switched from Purina One Indoor formual to IAMS mature dry.  She also switched from Fancy Feast canned to IAMS canned.  I expect for this regime to further enhance my innate beauty. 

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