Friday, April 8, 2011

Archive 11: The Hinterlands, a story by Ringo, Part 1

Between and ‘twixt Utah and Happenstance is a place called The Hinterlands.  If you thought I said ‘winterland’, you’re close, because the only difference between the winterlands and the hinterlands is the temperature.  Both places are bare, with no leafy trees or green grasses.  The creatures we know, squirrels and birds, cats and dogs, are not found above ground or outdoors in these places.  Food is hard to find.
But what makes The Hinterlands worse is that it is very hot.  And the hot never stops.  With the winterland, you can melt snow for water and you know things will warm up.  In the hinterlands, it’s always hot and there is stuff called ‘sand’ instead of water.  You can’t drink sand.
In the hinterlands, all you see is dust, as far as you can see.  B’cause there are no trees, it’s hard to find shade during the daytime.  Rocks have shadows and so do the prickly-barked people shaped plants called cactuses. They have big thorns longer than Princess Treasure’s tail and a tough green skin like a dinosaur.  It is hard to climb them, so it is hard to get away from the native population, which includes snakes, scorpions and spiders.  All of these can kill you with one bite!  Chomp!  Like that!  If you gets bit, you puff up and turn black!  then you don’t talk no more.
Agent Blackjack and General Boopsie Bear had heard of the hinterlands, but they thoughts it was a legend.  Buddy Bunny and Teddy and Marge warned me that they were real.  Buddy Bunny offered to take me, but he wanted all the marsh hay I had for Princess Scamper and Sir George.  Teddy offered to escort me, but Marge needed him, so I said it was OK, I could go alone.  They gave me a map and lots of advice and equipments for hot weather.
To be continued….

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