Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Too Blah to Post

We are all down in the dumps here for several reasons. 

1.  It keeps staying cold and raining and sleeting.
2.  There is road construction going on outside the courtyard and I can feel the vibrations from heavy machinery pounding.
3.  As part of her fundraising, the PM had to take a competency exam at, not to prove her brain worked, but to show she knew how to do her job.

So we are not happy campers, but things will be better soon.

We did get a message from Princess Coco the Adorable and we hope to feel up to sharing it soon.


  1. I am very looking forward to learning what Princess Coco the Adorable said. And you and HRH Princess Treasure..better days are coming.

  2. Looking forward to your next post. Sorry you are down in the dumps. Hamg in there. M's favorite saying is "and this too shall pass."

  3. Sleet can be depressing, especially in April! We are sorry you are feeling blah. Should I teleport over and give you my advance report about West Coast outrages? Well, I'll wait til you are more up for visitors, but do visit SpittySpeaks tomorrow for an update on the most recent canine scandal.