Thursday, April 14, 2011

Archive 7.3: Via Antelope Express

A scrawled report from Scout Ringo:
To:  princez Tresur
yer hiness,
it is wit gret reliefe I send you this message. 
My understanding is the carrier buddi bunny sent you a report sez I was runing edge of happylandz.  This is true.  When I getz to de end, there is huge grassy place, called a prairie.  Dere is a path of daizees and it seemd good idea to follow it.   After middle day, I feelz shadow on me and look up.  It was a hawk, a gigantious hawk .  I admitz I scared.  Widout a den or hidey-hole I freeze.  I stay freezed till sunset last night. 
Finly I move.  i start on daizee path agin.  I see chipmunk who excape hawk.  It says I lucky ‘cuz usually hawk don’t miss big target like me.  Chipmunk gives me water and nutz and directions for shortcut to happenstanc. 
I just arrived happenstance; I admit I lost a ring on my tail from scare.  First thing I do is write you.  Den I talk to Teddi.  he seems nice chap.   He tell me I not too far from Utah.  So hopefully mission not delayed.  Still hope to arrive on 23 and have sumit on 24th. 
Is too bad I loze fancy meeting suit on way. 
Your loyal scout,

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