Thursday, April 14, 2011

Archive 14: Notes on the Precious Dynasty

HRH is a member of the Precious Dynasty, renowned since the time of the Pyramids for their wise and just ways in ruling those under their dominion.
The first member of the dynasty, King Green Gem, was named so due to the brilliant color of His eyes, resembling a peridot.  He rose to the throne by leading the cats in His block to defend their territory against invaders from Siam.  Due to His military canny and ability to lead, the defense was successful and the Siamese retreated to their traditional land.  King Green Gem was companioned by his Prime Minister and valet, Tutenros.
Tutenros would continue in this role through the next five ascensions to the throne.  During this time, the territory was increased and the species citizens continued to swear loyalty oaths to the throne.  Inter-species relations were fostered with the Horse citzenry and the Crane denizens.
It was during the Dog revolt during the third ascension (Queen Precious Blue) that the eternal dispute between the dog and cat species began.  The revolt was headed by Mr. Toto, an ambassador trusted by Queen as a royal liason.  While the Precious Dynasty prevailed, diplomatic relations were severed and have not been re-established to the present day.

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