Thursday, April 14, 2011

Archive 15: A PM’s disgusting discovery

It was a Sunday, late morning.  Our long-suffering PM has decided to try to do some picking up around the main living area.  She works at a steady pace for several hours.  She begins working near the dining room table; now, understand, the PM has the bad habit of dropping things on the end of the table or on the floor near it.  She also tends to kick her shoes off there, drop her coat here, etc.  It is the major drop point on the way in and out of the home. 
As she works picking up some papers fallen on the floor, she falls back with a gasp.  What has she uncovered?  Apparently the Princess had an unwelcome, much enjoyed playmate over recently.  Yes, a little mouse, Cedric, must be added to the roll of the gullible.  Fortunately, Paws’ Daddy was willing and able to provide Cedric with an appropriate funeral in the dumpster. 
Due to intricacies in Felinese,t he Princess in confused by the PM’s reaction.  You see, the work ‘disgusting’ translates to ‘delightful’ in Felinese.  The Princess would love to have many little gullible playmates……after all, a PM lives to serve, right?

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  1. I have witnessed the behavior mentioned above in a long-since-passed-away friend named Ralph; a brave, kindly long-haired kitty with a saddle of black on his back and a heart of purest gold.

    (When the late honored Scooter had kittens, Ralph became their Uncle and protector...)

    Human beings should be more respectful of kitty tradition, would you say? Perhaps HRH should appoint a minister of cultural affairs to address the issues of feline/human interaction.

    My respects, HRH, and true faith and loyalty forever.