Thursday, April 14, 2011

Archive 7.4: Intelligence gathered.

Dear Princess Treasure, PM Neora and members of the Security Council:
Per your request received today via UPS (Upwind Perigrine Sails), I am relaying a progress report on my tour.
At the conclusion of our summit with Sir George and Lady Scamper, they volunteered a tortoise advisor to provide a tour of the land.  This has been most intriguing; due to his age and deep contemplation of the events he has witnessed, he has provided insight into the historical background of many current issues.  It has also been most restful as Monsieur Shelly travels at a leisurely pace.  Since he carries a trailer with him, I have been able to lighten my pack considerably.  Sir G and Lady S provided a letter of introduction, so I have met many individuals from different species in desert areas that have taught me many new ways of coping with heat and drought.  I believe that if the information gathered is shared with the populace of Capitol Drive, the citizenry will make good use of it.
Monsieur Shelly congratulated HRH’s generosity while celebrating the summit on July 24th.  News of the  mousepops, and effective distribution of same, quickly travelled to Utah.  He believes this is unequalled in the Utah and other nearby territories and that HRH will set a new standard of royal beneficence.
I was deeply saddened to learn of Regina’s abduction.  I had hoped she had eloped with Agent Blackjack and would therefore produce a healthy heir.  However, all news received by Bunny Buddy and his corp of hired mercenaries indicate that the Evil Dogs next door convinced their human companion that she was deliberately taunting them when she was on patrol.  This is a sad loss as she was close to the Princess’ heart.
I look forward to sharing notes with Gen’l Boopsie Bear when he returns from the victory celebrations in Queen Miss Katt’s realm.
I remain, as always, your faithful servant,
Ambassador and Scout Ringo

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