Thursday, April 7, 2011

Archive 3.5: The Incident involving the Elmo

Dear Princess Treasure, Prime Minister and Members of the Council,
I am here to report the results of my inquiries into the discovery of Elmo last week.  As you may remember, while the PM and I were on our rounds a week ago, we noted a small elmo on the edge of the freeway.  It was hoped this was nothing more than a representation of this most ingenue and innocent of children’s friends. 
Upon contactng my liason at Sesame Street I was able to learn that elmo had been missing for two days prior to my discovery.  He had gone to visit a small friend and admirer, however he had not come home by the time he specified.  The trip log only showed that he was going to visit someone who signed in with a green ‘x’.
Further research demonstrated that his itinerary included the Babblebrook Field.  UPS staff members were hired to locate him but were unsuccessful.
Finally, I reccoinoitered and traced his trail to the Toys r Us emergency ward where he had been rushed by ambulance to have an arm restuffed and an eye replaced.  He will return to Sesame Street for light duty only after recuperation.
I hope all present are satisfied that the above matter may be considered closed.

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  1. Whoever is writing this should write a book. I'm trying to piece together bits and pieces. It's great writing.