Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sunshine today

Which helps the PM feel alot better; her fundraising activities make her leave the house almost every day, so sunshine is always something worth smiling about.

And, she saw tulips blossoming and the forsythia blooming and buds on lots of trees, so she thinks--hopes--that maybe we will have spring and not have to hallucinate one.

She was the first one to finish the test and got a 93%; the top score was a 95%, but she did the test in half the ha-ha!  She got an extra break yesterday.

All of which means I got a lots more pets last night and this morning.  Yay!

The Security Council will be meeting Sunday.  Both Coco and Spitty will teleport in for the meeting.  It will be good to see them again.  Coco has been reviewing the information provided to us by the Security Council and caught quickly onto the diplomatic and intelligence conundrums.  Anyone else want to come for the declassified catnip snack and klatch afterwards?


  1. Congratulations to mom. That is a GREAT score. I hope you gave her a nice big smooch cuz she deserves it.

  2. Your Mom has to TAKE tests? Yikes! My Mom GIVES tests, MOL!!

    Looking forward to Sunday, especially since you say there are signs of Spring!

  3. Yes, I would be happy to attend the "after party". Good for the PM for doing so well. Stupid employers for questioning her abilities with a test. I guess there are some who needed testing so all have to do it.

  4. Happy Spring and Happy Easter, my friends! I'll be there in a couple of hours for the meeting. We HAVE to discuss this "Homemade Doggy Dinners" abomination!