Thursday, April 7, 2011

Archive 10: The Perilous Problem of the Prime Minister

(From Ringo)
I shoulda known better.  That Prime Minister really needs to be watched.  After all, that’s why the Princess really wanted me to go with her everywhere.  The Scout is only a part time position.  I’m also, unbeknownst to her, the PMs body guard.
And sometimes, she does take guarding. 
Tuesday we went to a yarn shop and the coffee shop, they are next door to each other.  The coffee shop closes at ten and the PM sat there with their permission until 10:30 looking for her keys. She could not find them and finally decided she must have left them in the car starter.  So, she left.  But it wasn’t true, the keys were not there.  And it was not just the car key missing, it was the housekeys as well.  She looked all over.  She couldn’t find them.  She checked the trunk  to see if she dropped them there.  She didn’t.  She looked under the car.  Not there.  She tried to see if her car still had roadside assistance.  It didnt.
So I worked lots of over time taking care of her.  She kept falling asleep and waking up.  She thought a policeman would stop to see why the car was still parked there, but they didn’t.  If they did, she was going to ask them to give us a ride to an all night restaurant.  But they didn’t. 
So we wuz stuck until 6:30 the next morning when the coffee shop opened again.  The keys didn’t get turned in the shop or the  yarn store.  She missed most of work getting keys, etc.  Boy were we tired.
The Princess was not happy.

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