Sunday, April 24, 2011

Security Council, Spring 2011

Dear Princesses Treasure and Coco, PM Neora, General Boopsie Bear, and Sir Spitfire,

Welcome to this quarterly meeting of the Security Council, especially to our new members.

Our main item of business today is to review the threat of Doggie Dinners to go that has sprung up in Sir Spitfire's territory.

Sir Spitfire will submit a summary of his report in the comments to be attached to these minutes of the meeting.  In general, some nefarious dogs have managed to further enroll humans in their plot to rebel.  What more specifically they plan to do I will leave to him.

Our question today is what we should do at this point.

(A general discussion is held.)

A motion has been made by Princess Coco the Adorable to enlist the Buddy Bunny network to supplement Sir Spitfire's work by having them gather intelligence in other urban areas so attractive to  dogs.  It is seconded by General Boopsie Bear.  The measure passes unanimously.

Let us adjourn to the social hour, next regularly scheduled meeting to be held in July.


  1. Excellent stragety. Now on to the social meeting.

  2. Oh noes! I think I lost my comment! It must have been interference from those ever-irritating canines. As I was saying, this Human-canin alliance must be stopped and I am thrilled to have help from the Bunnehs (unless I am too hungry and they start looking like a snack....)

  3. Well, to file an official report: The appearance of the "Homemade Doggy Dinners" car (hereinafter, the "Doggymobile" or simply DM) caused a ripple in the force. I immediately sent the Human out to take a photo, which I posted on my blog 4/21/11 as warning to kittehs in other urban centers to BOLO (or "Be On the Look Out" for the uninitiated) for the spread of such vile vehicles.

    I plan to send the Human out with a camera regularly to check for any further intrusions. Measures for disabling the DM (or any additonal DMs) are under consideration.

    That is all at this time.

    Sir Spitfire